Home Furniture Rental in Everett, Washington

If you want fabulous home furniture in Everett (or anywhere around Seattle) from premium brands, without paying a massive price tag, without the commitment, and without having to assemble it yourself, you want CasaOne.

Because who wants to be hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in debt for expensive furniture that you might not need (or like) later. When you rent furniture in Everett from CasaOne, you neither have to pay a hefty price tag, nor settle for low-end “budget-friendly” products.

Get the dreamy, high-end furniture you want from fabulous brands at affordable rental fees, and a convenient rent-to-own option so you can all of it later.

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Why Rent Home Furniture in Everett from CasaOne?

It’s the ideal choice if you want super good-looking and high-quality furniture without upsetting the saver in you.

  • Browse 1000s of amazing products from top brands in place. No more going store to store.

  • Enjoy free 3D space planning to design a cozy, comfy home you love.

  • Have us clean and maintain your furniture for you.

  • Design a rental plan that suits your home’s needs now, and customize it later.

  • Retain the freedom to start small, and then add more furniture when you need to.

  • Choose our rent-to-own option when you’re ready to keep a piece forever. Or swap it with something else for a whole new look.

Home Staging Furniture Rental in Everett, WA

As a furniture rental company offering only high-end products, your home staging business just got a lot easier in Everett.

Because by partnering with us, you no longer have to worry about storage space for furniture you’ve bought, maintaining that furniture, using the same furniture for all kinds of listings, and running the risk of turning down projects because you don’t have enough pieces.

By renting from us, not only can you create customizable rental plans with some of the most gorgeous products, but we’ll take care of the delivery, assembly, and clean-up so you don’t have to. Once you make the sale, we’ll be there to pick it up while the home seller thanks you.

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Renting Furniture in Everett is Easier with CasaOne

Because what sets us apart is our incredibly seamless tech platform and customer service so that you have everything you need to furnish a fabulous and exciting home without breaking the bank, in no time.

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