Frequently Asked Questions

What cities do you operate in?

We currently serve the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles. More cities are coming soon!

You guys don't deliver to my zip code. How do I rent?

Oops! Please write an email to, just mention your city and zip code and our team will do our very best to accommodate you!

I am not sure of what items to rent. How do I go about it?

Just write to us at Our interior consultant is standing by to help you choose the perfect furniture to match your unique style.

I want to add more items to my order. How do I do that?

No problem! Shoot us an email at and our team will take care of it in a second!
Please keep in mind, if the additional furniture does not meet our monthly minimum rental fee (know more), we will have to charge you an additional delivery fee.

How can I ensure my selection/order is locked down?

Your order gets automatically secured once you successfully complete the payment. Following that, you will be prompted to schedule the delivery so you can enjoy your new furniture as soon as possible!

Can I return few items upon delivery if I don't like the items or if the items don't fit in my apartment?

You can return the items that you don't want to rent. There will be a restocking fee for the returns. You will hear from us about the fee based on the number of items you return.

Can I buy the furniture I rent from CasaOne?

Yes. You have the option to buy the furniture any time during your rental term. Write to us at to know more.

What are the options for me at the end of rental term?

At the end of your rental term you can plan for one of these - extend your rental term, buy the furniture items, or return the furniture items. Write to us at to know more.

I just spilled coffee on my furniture. What should I do?

No point crying over spilled milk...or coffee in this case. At CasaOne, we always got your back. Just send an email with as many pictures, details, and furniture puns as possible to and our team will take it from there.

What is the minimum rental term?

The minimum rental term is 1-Month. However, CasaOne is happy to assist customers with short-term rental requirements as well. Please write to us at and we are happy to help you.

What is the minimum rental fee per month?

The minimum rental fee per month is as follows:

Rental Term
Rental Fee
Are there additional charges?

CasaOne offers free Furniture Delivery, Pick-up, Clean-up, and Insurance. You will be charged a one-time assembly fee in the first month of your renting. Weekend delivery will incur an additional charge and is subject to availability. Please write to us at to inform us of your requirements. The assembly fee is as follows:

Rental Term
Assembly Fee
(charged One-time)

A delivery fee maybe applicable for our extended delivery zones. Have a look at our delivery zones in SF and LA. Our team will contact you if a fee is applicable.

Is there any Rental Agreement?

Yes. When we deliver the furniture, you (the lessee) will have to sign the Rental Agreement drawn out in your name.

How can I pay for my subscription?

We accept Master Card, VISA, JCB, American Express, Diner's Club, Discover cards.

When will the billing start?

The billing will start the day we deliver the furniture to your apartment.

I have lost my card or my card has expired. How do I use a new card?

Please write to and we will help you.

Can I extend my rental term?

Yes, absolutely. Please inform us 15 days before the end of your chosen term. Please write to us at and we are happy to help you.

Can I cancel my subscription early?

Yes, we will help you cancel your subscription if your circumstances change. In case you need to cancel before your term expires, please inform us at at least 15 days before your desired pick-up date. We will adjust your charges to reflect your actual rental term.

You will be charged the difference in monthly rates between your chosen term (term chosen at the time of your order) and the actual term (the effective term at the time of early closure). The additional charge due at early closure will be calculated as follows:
(Monthly rate for actual term - Monthly rate for chosen term) * Number of months of actual term

In addition, an early cancellation fee might apply.

How can I schedule a pickup?

You don't have to worry! Please inform us 15 days before the pickup date. If your circumstances change and you need to arrange a pickup at a shorter notice, let us know and we'll do our best to help you. Please write to us at

What if I need flexibility on my pickup date? What if I need a pickup after my term ends?

We are happy to work with you on your pickup date. Please inform us at the earliest and we’ll work with you to choose a convenient pickup window for you. We offer a One week grace period at the end of your rental term to help you plan better and do not charge you an additional fee if your chosen pickup date is within a week of the end of your rental term. The one week grace period is offered only for 3-month or longer rental terms.

The furniture was damaged or is different from the one I chose. What next?

We take pride in our service quality. However, if there has been a lapse we will deliver a replacement to you. Please write to us at We will get in touch with you and schedule the delivery.

How can I schedule the delivery of the houseware package?

Once you complete the payment, you will have an option to schedule the slot for delivery and assembly of furniture items. We will try to accommodate the houseware package set-up for the same time slot. In case we cannot, we will find the next best possible slot for the houseware package delivery. Please write to us at if you need more information.

I have a few questions about the houseware package delivered. What do I do?

Please write to us at and we will be happy to help you.

I am a stager. Can I rent furniture from CasaOne?

Yes, absolutely. CasaOne works with stagers across the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles. Please note that the website terms and conditions are for residential/individual use and not for commercial use. You can learn more about CasaOne Home Staging here.

What is the minimum rental term?

Our minimum rental term is one month. Please write to us at for details on pricing and applicable fees.

Do the offers and prices offered on the website apply to staging?

Rental offers advertised on CasaOne website are not applicable for stagers. Write to us at to inform us of your staging requirements. We will be happy to assist you with a quote, design assistance, and offer you additional options from our extended catalog!

What happens if the staged home sells early?

We are happy to help you move the furniture for additional fees. Please write to us at Pick-up times can vary between 3-6 business days. Please note that you will still be liable for the monthly rentals for the entire duration of your rental term.

I need to extend my rental term. What do I do?

We have got you covered. Please inform us at least a week in advance and we’ll help extend your rental term.

For any other questions, please go through our T&C and Privacy Policy.