Rent Furniture in Fremont

Rent Furniture in Fremont

Your Guide to Fremont

The city of Fremont is named after the explorer John Charles Fremont, and is the fourth most populated city in the Bay Area. Although Fremont is not actually a part of Silicon Valley, it is the nearest East Bay city to the area, and so it is often associated with it. In its early years, agriculture dominated the economy of Fremont, with the economy growing massively during the California Gold Rush. Fremont’s Palmdale Winery was the largest in California until 1906, when the San Francisco earthquake caused its destruction. Its ruins are still visible near the Five Corners in Irvington.

Common folklore tells of a woman in a white dress who was killed by a car on the Niles Canyon road in Fremont and continues to haunt the road and ask for a ride. The Niles section of the Fremont area was also the earliest home of California’s motion picture industry in the 1910’s. Charlie Chaplin even filmed several movies in the Fremont area, most notably ‘The Tramp’.

Like most of the surrounding areas, Fremont has a Mediterranean climate. Like San Jose, Fremont lies in the rain shadow of the Santa Cruz mountains, so the precipitation in Fremont is low and consequently, the rainfall that the city receives is not very high.

Living in Fremont

Fremont has a large Indian population and the city reflects this with several Indian restaurants such as Chutney and Shalimar and even a little Kabul with a middle eastern vibe and a couple of Afghan eateries. Fremont also has its own Bollywood film theatre and The Festival of India, that has become a Fremont tradition filled with music and dance, and booths depicting Indian culture. The city also holds an annual Art festival that showcases handcrafted goods and products. It is also a great place to catch local musicians and grab a few glasses of wine. For the beer lovers, California Craft Beer in Fremont is a great place with a good selection of beers, where you can even pick up a six pack of their brews to take home with you.

Fremont is a great city to raise a family in with several highly rated schools, and tons of friendly locals. The city also abounds in history, and has plenty of fun activities for people of all ages. From the quarry lakes that people flock to during the toasty summers, to Ardenwood Historic Farm, where you can ride a horse drawn train and play with some farm animals, to the Broadway West Theatre Company, where you can catch a good Broadway style production, Fremont certainly has a little something for everyone. And if you enjoy some exercise, you can hike up to the top of the famous Mission Peak. The view from the top of the rolling hills and Silicon Valley is absolutely spectacular, making the gruelling climb more than worth it.

Fremont’s appeal lies in its proximity to most large grocery, clothing, and department chains, making day-to-day chores easy to complete. Fremont is well connected to San Francisco and most parts of the Bay Area, and is a relatively safe city to live in. The city is quiet and peaceful, and is more affordable than other cities in the Bay Area. Lastly, it offers you ample parking, which is a little bit of a rarity in this area.

Renting Furniture in Fremont

You’ve most likely already found a great place to live in Fremont, and you can’t wait to move in. But unfurnished apartments are probably not your thing, and we’re willing to bet you’re probably not going to enjoy the hermit life with little to no furniture.

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