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CasaOne, a furniture rental company in Hawthorne, will take care of all your furniture needs. 

From planning your layout, to sourcing the right furniture and prompt delivery and assembly - have your new home up and running in 3 working days. Learn all about our home furniture rentals in Hawthorne by clicking on the links below.

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Your Home Furniture Rental Journey in Hawthorne

Whether you are looking for bedroom furniture, a table, chairs, sofas or even smaller furnishings, such as lamps and ottomans, you will find a range of great options on the CasaOne website. CasaOne offers home furniture sets for individual rooms, or your whole place. Or choose pieces to exactly suit your personal decor preference. Whatever you pick, we’ll ensure that it gets delivered it to you as quickly as 3 working days.

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If you plan on settling down in Hawthorne, you’ll probably be on the lookout for quality, affordable home furniture. Renting home furniture is a quicker and easier alternative to buying new or used furniture. It's easy to get started.

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