Rent Furniture in Hayward

Rent Furniture in Hayward

Your Guide to Hayward

Hayward is the sixth largest city in the Bay Area and the 37th most populous municipality in California. Over the years, Hayward has been known by several different names including ‘Hayward’s’,’Haywood’, ‘Haywards’, and finally as ‘Hayward’. The city grew steadily throughout the late 19th century, with an economy based on agriculture and tourism. From the beginning of the 20th century to the early 1980’s, the city’s economy was dominated by its salt production and food canning industries, although these no longer exist. World War II saw an increase in the population in Hayward, as well as a steep growth in its economy. The city borders a large number of municipalities nearby including Fremont, Union City and San Leandro.

Hayward has a predominantly Mediterranean climate like most other cities in the area. At its coldest, the temperature is about 50 degrees, and it’s almost always sunny in Hayward.

Hayward is relatively cheaper to live in compared to other cities in the Bay Area - the cost of living here is six percent lower than the California average. Hayward is diverse as a city and although it might not be the most exciting city in the Bay area, it is a safe place to live, with the crime rate here a whole six percent lower than the average for California.

Living in Hayward

Hayward has some great restaurants and bars to soak in the local scene and to grab a few drinks and a good meal. If you’re a beer lover, head on down to Buffalo Bill’s, or go to Casper’s for some of the best hot dogs in the Bay Area. Hayward also has the best burgers in the area - Val’s Burgers is a little mom and pop burger shop that will absolutely satiate your cravings for a fat, juicy burger. Although the city itself does not have too much of a nightlife to speak of, there’ve been a ton of improvements recently in the downtown area, with several new businesses springing up every other week.

Hayward is also home to the California State Hayward College (now California State University, East Bay), with its sprawling campus that sits atop a hill with a scenic view of the whole city of Hayward. The university is one of the area’s best, explaining why several students move to Hayward and continue to live here once they graduate.

Renting Furniture in Hayward

Finding a great home in Hayward should not be too hard; the city is filled with a large number of incredible neighborhoods. But once you’ve found a place to call home, your next step is furnishing the place, and this can prove to be quite the task!

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