Choose CasaOne for Easy Living

Simply browse, subscribe and receive. Leave all the heavy lifting to us.


A versatile range of stylish, quality mid-century modern furniture. We’ve got the right people in house to ensure that you’re always spoilt for choice.


Whatever suits your need, whether it’s just a lamp or a nightstand or a home full of furniture. Just a few clicks, and you’re done.


As quickly as 72 hours, and assemble and clear up for free. Our delivery ninjas will save you any trouble you’ve come to anticipate with furniture.


Happy in the knowledge that you haven't overspent on furniture, with the flexibility to upgrade or swap at no extra charge and zero commitment once the term is up.

A Furniture Subscription Plan

Add home decor to the growing list of convenient, flexible, and accessible web offerings.

At CasaOne, we are reimagining a fragmented, old-school industry that has completely dropped the ball on serving urban dwellers who like to access and experience, rather than own pretty much everything.

As millennials who move around a lot for work, for life, or just for the fun of it, we really wanted the convenience, flexibility, and accessibility that our favorite products and services offer. When we saw that it was sorely missing in the market, we decided to build it.

CasaOne saves you Time, Effort, and Money


No big credit card bill

Why sink $15,000 into furniture you may not need in a year?

No weekends wasted shopping

Time is precious; don’t waste it comparing ottomans.

An extreme home makeover

With a few clicks, quality furniture will reinvent your living space.

Readymade sets

In case decor isn’t your forte, leave everything to us.

Change up, anytime

Swaps and returns are just a few clicks away.



No debt by buying furniture

Why sink $100K into furniture when you can invest it in your company?

No stress comparing chairs

Put your energy into achieving business goals, not swivel chairs.

A great first impression

Quality furniture reflects a quality company, attracting the right employees and clientele.

Customizable plans

In case decor isn’t your forte, leave it all to us.

Add or subtract

Swaps and returns are just a few clicks away.