Home Furniture Rental in Irvine

CasaOne makes furnishing your home in Irvine way more convenient and affordable.

We help you design and create a cozy and wonderful home interior by offering state-of-the-art space planning services and an enormous range of high-quality furniture from brands you know and love.

But what makes us the right choice is our availability of incredibly flexible furniture rental plans in Irvine that allow you furnish your home without breaking the bank. Pay a small fee every month and you can have your entire home’s furniture order delivered and assembled at your place within just 6 days.

Lease Quality Home Furniture in Irvine Today

Why rent from CasaOne? Because you'll get to:

  • Save more money today by paying a small fee every month.

  • Get space planning advice from in-house consultants.

  • Swap furniture at any time to keep things interesting.

  • Go from renting to owning by paying the purchase price easily.

  • Return furniture you don’t need as an eco-friendlier alternative.

Why Rent Home Furniture in Irvine?

Because CasaOne makes the process much easier. Not only do we make high-quality home furniture super affordable by splitting a colossal one-time expense into easily manageable monthly fees, but we also allow you return, swap, or buy the furniture any time.

This way, you’ll always retain the flexibility of changing your home interior’s look without throwing anything out, and can try different pieces until you find something you love and want to buy.

So why wait? Get started today to discover how flexible, affordable, and convenient the CasaOne experience is!

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