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5 Fabulous Entryway Ideas to Make a Stunning First Impression

This is your shot at sweeping your guests off their feet. To help you add more flair and function to your current foyer, here are five ideas for entryway inspiration. So, come right in!

Boxwood Succulent Plant With Jar (Set of 6)...

PlasticHeight: 4.5 in.

Lavender Grass With Planter Green And Purple...

PlasticHeight: 22 in.

Hanging Wisteria Pink

PlasticHeight: 35 in.

Oberham Capensia Tree With Basket

SilkHeight: 48 in.

Silk Floor Plant Green

SilkHeight: 43 in.

French Floral Pot Lavender And Brown

PlasticHeight: 21 in.

Alta Bamboo Silk Tree Green

PlasticHeight: 48 in.

Trent Fabric Ficus Tree Silver And Red

Synthetic FabricHeight: 60 in.