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5 tips when working out at home

If you haven't been too active and want to know how to start working out at home, don't worry - we have a few tips for you to get going.

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34" Resistance Sleeved Tube Green

Resistance Level: LightLevel 2

34" Resistance Sleeved Tube Red

Resistance Level: MediumLevel 3

34" Resistance Sleeved Tube Blue

Resistance Level: HeavyLevel 4

Smart Guard Tubing 10 lb Green

Weight Resistance: 10 lb

Smart Guard Tubing 15 lb Red

Weight Resistance: 15 lb

Smart Guard Tubing 20 lb Blue

Weight Resistance: 20 lb

Smart Medicine Ball 6 lb Orange

Weight: 6 lb

Smart Medicine Ball 8 lb Green

Weight: 8 lb

Smart Medicine Ball 10 lb Blue

Weight: 10 lb

6.5' Equipment Mat Black

Size: 36" x 78"