The Complete Guide To Furniture For A Compact Home

Kitting out a small home can be tricky - you need to decide on furniture that is sleek yet homely, compact but functional. We’ve put together the ideal ensemble of what you need to cover the basics, without skimping on comfort or style.


Cozy two-seaters all under 56 inches in width are perfect for a small space. Generous arms and deep cushioning to provide comfort and support. A stilted frame keeps the flooring visible and open - a visual trick to make a room look larger.

Coffee Tables

Compact and functional coffee tables have a bottom shelf too, providing you enough room for your coffee, snacks and reading material. If you fancy something larger, glass coffee tables don’t eat up your room’s visual space.

Beds & Mattresses

A full or queen bed is roomy enough to sprawl out on without overwhelming your space. Choose platform styles to utilize the space under for storage.

Night Stands

Choose a nightstand with more than a table top to maximize utility and storage. These compact nightstands pack a punch with drawers and shelves to house your bedside must-haves as well as tuck away small fabric items such as socks and handkerchiefs.