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Menlo Park is a hub for blossoming careers and driven, hardworking millennials  with its tech focused industry and young, vibrant culture. It is the site of Facebook’s main campus and the social media giant is also the biggest employer in the city with over 7000 staff. Over 70% of Menlo Park’s residents over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher - making it one of the most educated cities you can live in within the United States.

Menlo Park is a lovely city, with pleasant weather, a number of parks and wide roads that are perfect for cycling commutes, making it one of the preferred places in the Bay Area to live in.

New residents and businesses want to reflect this modern, laid-back appeal their living and working spaces. The easiest way to set up your ideal looking and functioning space? With premium luxury furniture from CasaOne. Our home and office furniture rental services take care of everyday furniture needs at the click of a button. Choose from a wide range of pieces, individually or in sets, for long or short rental periods.

Custom make your furniture rental plan to suit your decor, budget and duration. Get furnished as quickly as 72 hours. And if it’s time to move on, you won’t have to worry about packing or reselling your fast-depreciating furnishings.

What can we help you furnish?

Home Furnishings in Menlo Park

Home Furniture Rental

Office Furnishings in Menlo Park

Our customers couldn't be happier

"CasaOne is awesome!! The furniture is great and totally modern design. So much better than I expected! The packages are a great price and with one click, I had the furniture delivered and set up in my apartment, no hassle at all! They make it all so easy for you!! Super happy with my new furniture!!! And I love the idea that they are flexible if I end up moving to a new location, they can come and move it without hassles!! Would definitely recommend to friends..."

- Priscilla G, Palo Alto

Your Home Furniture Rental Journey in Menlo Park

If you are setting up home in the city and are on the lookout for some quality furniture that won’t break the bank, CasaOne offers hassle-free furniture rental in Menlo Park - comfortable, premium furniture that you don’t need to commit huge sums of money to. When you rent with CasaOne, you can choose from hundreds of options. Our plans are flexible and economical. We delivery and assemble your furniture in as quickly as 72 hours. Set up your home beautifully and in no time.

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Your Office Furniture Rental Journey in Menlo Park

Setting up an office is no easy task. With furniture rental in Menlo Park from CasaOne, you can focus on your business; we’ll take care of every detail regarding your furniture and set up. Just choose your preferred pieces - we can help with this too; our experts are always on hand to guide you with suggestions and curated sets to perfectly suit your brand’s personality. The best part? The furniture is premium and in brand new condition, making a lasting impression on your clients and employees. Pick your furnishings at the click of a button and we’ll deliver and set up just how you want it. Need add-ons or want to swap? We’re always willing to accommodate your needs.

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Connect with CasaOne in Menlo Park

Whether you need to rent an office’s or home’s worth of furniture or one single piece, CasaOne’s rental plans are flexible and hassle free. Choose the furniture and duration of the plan you need from our website. We deliver and set-up in as quickly as 5 business days. Pick individually or from carefully-curated furniture sets according to room. Need expert assistance? We’re always available to help you with your interior design, logistics or furniture queries, on email or call.