Sleepy's Doze Plush 10" Twin Mattress

Memory Foam | Gel-Infused Memory Foam



Dimensions (inches)

39W * 10H * 75D

  • Expansion Time1 hr
  • Dimensions (inches)39W * 10H * 75D
  • ColorWhite
  • MaterialMemory Foam | Gel-Infused Memory Foam
  • Mattress Thickness (inches)10
  • Breathable ConstructionYes

Sleepy's Doze Plush 10" Twin Mattress

Expansion time 1 hour

A bit thicker than the Snug for more support, the Sleepy's Doze gives you two more inches of support, thanks to the memory foam layers. Still topped with the gel-infused memory foam for pressure-relieving support night in and night out. It even features infused charcoal, which helps keep you at your ideal temperature throughout the night. And, like the Sleepy's Snug, it features an outer soft shell of knitted snuggly-ness.

Price for 12-Month
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