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With CasaOne’s unique furniture rental experience, create a home that’s more comfortable, more affordable, and more you.

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Pocket-Friendly All the Way

Save more when you choose CasaOne
Up to $50 off
Up to $50 off

When you or a guarantor gets pre-qualified to rent from us.

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Additional $50 off
Additional $50 off

When you and your neighbors rent and schedule delivery for the same day.

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Up to 10% off
Up to 10% off

When you pay all your monthly rental fees in advance.

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Free Delivery
Free Delivery

When you choose curbside delivery for your order.

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We Major in Furnishing Homes

Outfit your space with a rental experience that’s…
  • 1000s of products in your favorite styles.
  • Mix and match to create your own vibe.
  • 2D and 3D design services available.
  • Rent from a streamlined tech platform.
  • Get support every step of the way.
  • White-glove delivery available.
  • Add to your rental plan at any time.
  • Choose your rental term and extend later.
  • Opt to buy furniture you want to keep.
  • Sanitized products for your protection.
  • Delivery with masks and gloves on.
  • Distance-friendly options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the right answers.
How does it work?

Step 1: Browse our wide variety of products to find the furniture you want.

Step 2: Submit a credit check application to get pre-qualified. (You can also have a guarantor do this on your behalf, or prepay instead.)

Step 3: Set a rental term, choose a delivery option, and place the order. We’ll be in touch to schedule your delivery.

Step 4: That’s it! Enjoy premium furniture at a fraction of the cost. At the end of your rental term, you can choose to extend your term, buy the furniture, or have us pick it up.

How do I get the $50 neighbor discount?

If you and your neighbor(s) rent furniture and schedule delivery for the same day, allowing us to club your deliveries together, contact us about it, and we’ll issue a $50 refund to each of you. The other orders have to be delivered to units inside your building as well, or nearby.

Will you run a credit check?

Yes. You can submit a credit check application before placing an order. When you get pre-qualified to rent, you can enjoy $50 off on your order using coupon code PREQUAL. Click here to pre-qualify now.

Can I have a guarantor submit a credit application on my behalf?

Absolutely, Submit a credit application with a guarantor’s details before placing an order. When you get pre-qualified to rent, you can get up to $50 off using coupon code PREQUAL. Click here to pre-qualify now.

Can I skip the credit check process?

We have that option. If you want to skip the credit check process, you can opt to prepay for your entire rental term instead and get up to 10% off.

Can I club multiple discounts together?

You can take advantage of either the pre-qualification discount or the prepayment discount, but you cannot use both together. You can get the $50 refund when you and your neighbor(s) schedule your deliveries together, regardless of any other discount you may have already utilized.

How good is the furniture, really?

All our products are made by brands you already know and like, but we offer them for smaller monthly fees and lower commitment. Take a look at our selection and you’ll see that we provide a massive variety in all categories, so you can easily mix and match to suit your personal style.

How fast do you deliver?

Very fast. We deliver in as quickly as 3 business days.

Got more questions? Visit our FAQ page

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