CasaOne Return Policy

Changed your mind? Exchange or return your items
within 3 weeks of delivery for a full refund. Available for leases that are 6 months and above.

return policy

No Questions Asked Return Policy

  1. The No Questions Asked Returns (NQAR) policy is only available for leases with rental terms of 6 months or more.
  2. CasaOne will only make one (1) additional trip to your location during the first 21 days after your delivery. If you require more than one (1) additional trip, a $299 fee will apply for each trip. Please note that a no-show will be counted as one trip.
  3. The NQAR policy is only active within the first 21 days from your delivery date. Lease modifications are not accepted after 21 days from your delivery date.
  4. If you choose to return part of your order, your monthly payment must remain above the minimum rental fee per month that applies to your lease.
  5. If you return all of your items during an NQAR period, you will not be eligible for another NQAR period for all subsequent orders.
  6. The NQAR policy is only available for individual orders where the furniture is being used for your personal use. If the rented furniture has been used for commercial or staging purposes, the policy will no longer be valid.
  7. If you return an item during the first 21 days, you will receive a full refund after we fully inspect the item for damages. You must return the property in the same condition as it was delivered to you. If we discover damages that occurred while the item was at your location, you may be liable for damage charges.
  8. If you make a full refund during the first 21 days, CasOne will retain the delivery and assembly fee you originally paid.