Home Furniture Rental in NoHo, Manhattan

When you’re living in NoHo, you want to have a certain style of furniture in your house - a style that’s chic, sophisticated, and that expresses your personal taste. But such a style of furniture has been known to be expensive.

Not any more.

CasaOne provides home furniture on rent in NoHo so that you can get any kind of furniture you want without shelling out thousands of dollars.

But we’re not just any furniture rental company in NoHo. We also provide space planning services for free, white-glove delivery within 7 days, and 100% flexible rentals. It’s easy to get started.

Rent Home Furniture in New York

Why Rent Home Furniture in NoHo?

When you rent or rent-to-own, you open a whole world of advantages that people buying furniture would never have. For example:

  • No more waiting. At affordable rental fees, you can get gorgeous furniture at home right now, and pay for it in easy installments.

  • You can consult with our space planners for free, and get detailed 3D visualizations of your house’s interior.

  • No complex manuals or wasted time. Our delivery professionals will delivery and assemble all the furniture for you within 7 days of placing your order.

  • Experience convenience. Set a preferred rental duration and choose a delivery time window that suits you.

  • Retain full flexibility. Add, remove, or modify items in your furniture order. During the rental term, return, renew, or pay a small buyout price to make it a permanent part of your home.

Get Home Furniture on Rent in NoHo Today

A furniture rental solution in NoHo is perfect even if you want furniture for long-term use. The longer you set a rental term with us, the more you save every month. There’s some math you can appreciate.

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