Rent Furniture in Oakland

Rent Furniture in Oakland

Your Guide to Oakland

Oakland is a big city - the seventh largest in California, to be precise. Even so, the city comprises of more than just Serving as the trade capital for the Bay Area, the city has one of the busiest ports in North California. The city also has a natural freshwater lake - Lake Merritt - contained within itself, the only city in the world to hold this distinction. The lake is even rumored to have its own mythical monster, known as the ‘Oak-ness monster’ who has been sighted a couple of times since the 1940s.

Over the last couple of years, the population of Oakland has grown, owing largely to the booming automobile industry in the area, and more recently, to the spillover from the influx of people moving to San Francisco looking for work. Oakland is also known for its diversity - in fact, it is the most ethnically diverse city in America, with over 125 languages and dialects spoken in the city. The city is also a very young city, with the mean age being just 36, compared to California’s average age of 46.

One of the other things Oaklanders will tell you about the city with great pride is the fact that the weather is much better than San Francisco, with the temperature being between five to ten degrees higher, with rare sightings of fog. Oakland also places a strong focus on sustainable energy, and is one of the top ranking cities for its usage of renewable electricity, making it one of the nicest cities to live in in Northern California.

Living in Oakland

Life in Oakland is quieter and less chaotic than San Francisco, but in no way does that mean that it is not as exciting. Most residential properties are a short walk from the pubs and restaurants, and a bike ride away from pretty much anything. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll more than likely be right at home in Oakland - it is the only city in California with three professional sports teams - the A’s, and the Golden State Warriors, and game tickets are cheaper than most other sports arenas in the country.

Oakland is much cheaper than San Francisco, whether it is paying to rent an apartment, or paying for a meal, or even shopping at one of the many mom and pop stores in the area. Oaklanders are also much more environmentally and sustainability conscious and this shows in the pockets of urban farmers, the artist communities, and the outdoor markets that exist all over the city.

Oakland also has great options for bars and restaurants, and a nightlife with music and culture rivalling some of the bigger cities in the Bay Area. The arts scene in Oakland is absolutely exploding and is one of its biggest attractions. The numerous hills and parks in the area, as well as attractions like Lake Merritt, The Paramount, and Jack London Square make Oakland one of the nicest cities to live in, especially for people with families and young children.

Renting Furniture in Oakland

You’ve probably already found a nice little place in Oakland, and are all set to move in. But if you’re like most people that have newly moved in, you’re probably worried about furnishing the place and are wondering where to begin. Well, wonder no more!

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