Mattress Size Guide

When it comes to choosing a mattress, less is definitely not more. Don’t compromise on room and comfort. Choose the right size for yourself with this handy guide.

Twin Mattress

38” x 75”

A twin mattress is great for twin beds placed in children’s rooms and guest rooms. Because this mattress is narrow, twin beds are the most obvious choice for the smallest of rooms.

Full Mattress

53" x 75"

A full mattress is an ideal choice for one person sleeping on a full bed in a small bedroom. It is usually the same length as a twin mattress, with a couple of extra inches in width.

Queen Mattress

60" x 80"

A queen mattress is suited for couples who have chosen to place a queen bed in their bedroom due to constraints in space. The mattress provides enough space to comfortably fit two people without eating up as much space as king beds do.

California King Mattress

72" x 84"

A California king mattress offers plenty of individual sleeping space for two adults. As compared to a regular king mattress, California king mattresses offer extra length for people who are more than 6 ft. tall.

King Mattress

76" x 80"

A king mattress is perfect for couples who do not want to compromise on sleeping space and comfort. This is the closest a couple can come to having as much personal space (38” or ~3 ft.) as each would have had on a twin mattress.