The Furniture Bottleneck

A million dollars spent on furniture is a million dollars not spent on hiring, marketing, and technology


  •  Spend a lot on assets that impede business growth
  •  Stuck with the wrong furniture forever
  •  Lose value while selling in a fire sale


  •  No upfront capital expenditure
  •  Not having to deal with furniture depreciation
  •  Flexible furniture upgrades according to your changing needs

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4 Reasons To Lighten Up Your Furniture Spend

Furniture Is Not Your Business

Assets worth investing in are either scarce or crucial to your success. Furniture is neither. Why buy it?

Renting Removes Guesswork

Can you reliably estimate furniture needs? No, there will be errors. You can make no mistake by renting.

Always Be In With The New

The effort of getting rid of old furniture may keep you from redecorating. Upgrade to the latest styles with ease with rentals.

Leave It All To Experts

For buyers, managing the project is a lot of hard-work and money. For renters, it’s part of the package.