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5 decor tips to improve your living room

The experts at CasaOne have put together their most favorite living room decor tips to ensure that your furniture rental hunt is smooth sailing.

Shaman Coffee Table Walnut

Height: 15 in.Width: 47 in.

Novia Coffee Table Black & Gold

Height: 17.7 in.Width: 43.3 in.

Anvil Coffee Table Brushed Stainless Steel...

Height: 11 in.Width: 35 in.

Article Tromso Coffee Table White & Brass

Atlas Coffee Table Stone & Gold

Height: 15.7 in.Width: 47 in.

Design District Coffee Table Walnut

Height: 15.9 in.Width: 47 in.

Anderson 48" Coffee Table Walnut & Dark Gray...

Height: 13.8 in.Width: 47.3 in.

Modrest Tartan Coffee Table Gray And Black...

Height: 17 in.Width: 38 in.

Tintern Coffee Table Stone & Antique Brass...

Height: 16.5 in.Width: 36 in.

Article Toba Coffee Table Driftwood Gray

Height: 15.5 in.Width: 39.5 in.

Modrest Sharon Coffee Table Gray And Black...

Height: 18 in.Width: 47 in.

Mccurley Coffee Table Rich Walnut

Height: 19 in.Width: 47.5 in.

Agate Modern Coffee Table Walnut

Height: 13 in.Width: 47 in.

Teresa Rectangular Coffee Table White & Gold...

Height: 15.8 in.Width: 47.3 in.

Lynn Coffee Table Rustic And Dark Gray

Height: 18 in.Width: 48 in.

Dena Coffee Table Black & Chrome

Height: 16 in.Width: 42 in.

Modrest Gemini Coffee Table Black and White...

Height: 16 in.Width: 32 in.

Teresa Square Coffee Table White & Gold

Height: 15.8 in.Width: 35.4 in.

Niklaus 35" Round Coffee Table Walnut & Black...

Height: 15.8 in.Width: 35.4 in.

Niklaus 35" Round Coffee Table Black

Height: 15.8 in.Width: 35.4 in.

Article Kopos Coffee Table Light Gray

Height: 14 in.Width: 47 in.

Barbary Coast Coffee Table Distressed Natural...

Height: 12.3 in.Width: 43.4 in.

Macho Coffee Table Walnut

Height: 16.5 in.Width: 32.3 in.

Majken Coffee Table White And Natural Tone...

Height: 18.1 in.Width: 47.3 in.

Saints Coffee Table Walnut & White

Height: 16 in.Width: 47 in.

Beth 36" Square Coffee Table Clear & Stainless Ste...

Height: 15 in.Width: 36 in.

Morty Coffee Table Matte White & Dark Walnut...

Height: 15 in.Width: 47.6 in.

Transmit Coffee Table Walnut And White

Height: 15 in.Width: 47 in.

Casteel Coffee Table Clear

Height: 16 in.Width: 39 in.

Daughter Coffee Table Cement & Natural

Height: 15.7 in.Width: 23.6 in.

Sprout Coffee Table Slate

Height: 13 in.Width: 36 in.

Viviana Coffee Table Clear & Walnut

Height: 12 in.Width: 53 in.

Article Bios Scandinavian Style Coffee Table White...

Height: 14 in.Width: 53 in.

Renzo Coffee Table Oak

Height: 18 in.Width: 53 in.

Williams Coffee Table Small Square Walnut And Blac...

Height: 18 in.Width: 40 in.

Grand Coffee Table Espresso

Height: 16 in.Width: 55 in.

Modrest Stilt Coffee Table Walnut

Height: 13 in.Width: 51 in.

Halle Square Coffee Table Walnut

Height: 18.9 in.Width: 31.5 in.

Avis Modern Matte Coffee Table Walnut

Height: 14 in.Width: 47 in.

Modrest Billy Modern Coffee Table Black Oak & Gold...

Height: 18 in.Width: 43 in.

Attune Large Coffee Table Brown

Height: 14.5 in.Width: 43.5 in.

Perth Coffee Table Chestnut

Height: 18.1 in.Width: 47.2 in.

Park West Coffee Table Walnut

Height: 15 in.Width: 59 in.

Article Amoeba Mid Century Modern Coffee Table Wal...

Height: 18 in.Width: 42.5 in.

Article Brezza Triangular Coffee Table Light Oak...

Height: 17 in.Width: 33.5 in.

Article Taiga Rectangular Coffee Table Oak...

Height: 15 in.Width: 61 in.

Bilboa Coffee Table Distressed Oak

Height: 19.5 in.Width: 44.5 in.

Caldera Coffee Table Natural

Height: 14.2 in.Width: 23.6 in.

Article Amoeba Wild 35" Wide Coffee Table Walnut...

Height: 18 in.Width: 35 in.

Colt Coffee Table Distressed Gray Oak

Height: 16 in.Width: 41.3 in.