Furniture Essentials For A One-Bedroom Apartment

Practical and stylish packages of perfectly synchronized furniture to cover all the bases for a one-bedroom home. Live in harmony with these modern ensembles in white, gray and wood tones, with striking metal accents. The subtle palette makes for easy accessorizing and adding of personal touches, and eliminates the fear of the pieces clashing with existing furniture.

Sleeper Sofas

Sturdy, comfortable and amply cushioned, these stylish sleeper sofas comfortably accommodate overnight guests and are perfect for daytime lounging. Deep colors lend a cozy vibe to your living room.

Arm Chairs

Swathed in supple poly linen fabric, these plush chairs are as soft and luxurious as they look. Bright colors lend a touch of character to the living room.

Coffee Tables

When space permits, choose a roomy coffee table with a bottom shelf, which lets you fit in all your entertainment extras such as remotes, magazines, tablets and laptops. A clean table top is great for fresh flowers and other decor.


A good cabinet should have plenty of storage and segregation. Segregation by way of shelves, sections and drawers makes it easy to put away and find things - cutting down clutter. Spruce up the tabletop with some potted succulents, curios or flower vases.

Queen Beds & Mattresses

Choose the biggest bed that your room can accomodate - you’ll never have to worry about legroom or fight for ‘your side’ with your partner. Platform beds are great when you need to store away linen or boxes underneath. A generous backrest allows comfortable lounging when reading or watching TV. A quality memory foam mattress ensures a good night’s rest.


Keep all your bedtime knick knacks (spectacles, books, mobile phones) at arm’s length with these utility-packed side tables. A shelf and a draw maximizes storage space. Or choose an only-drawer option to reduce visual clutter.

Side Tables

A compact side table can house a table lamp and your nighttime essentials. For those with packed schedules of cosmetic, intellectual and entertainment bedtime pursuits, look for a drawer and shelf to house your creams, books and electronics.

Lounge Chairs

The perfect bedroom chair is comfortable and stylish without taking up too much room. Choose a piece with adequate cushioning but not one that’s as bulky as a living room arm chair.

Dining Chairs

Perfectly-matched or quirkily-contrasting dining chairs both have their appeal. Pick comfy chairs with soft upholstery for long, leisurely meals at the table.