Essential Furniture For A Productive Home Office

The perfect work-from-home setup should take advantage of the proximity to domestic comforts while providing the functionality and focus required for a productive day’s work. Whether you’re working from a corner or a room in your home, a well put-together home office can add a touch of professionalism, and help you plough through your daily tasks.


The centerpiece of most home office setups, a good work desk should be roomy enough to accommodate all your needs such as a laptop, notepad, mousepad, lamp, etc. Choose a desk with drawers or shelves if you need easy access to stationary and other supplies.

Office Chairs

Chairs with ergonomic contouring and soft, supportive cushioning keep you comfortable for hours on end. For those who need mobility, casters allow smooth motion. Chair which are height-adjustable are best to limit muscle strain.

Storage Units

Open shelf sets are great to keep office supplies, files and other parapheniala close at hand and neatly arranged. In a small area, maximize vertical space with a high shelving unit that packs in a ton of storage without hogging precious floor space.