Furniture Essentials for Young Couples

Moving into your own apartment is an exciting period, a transition filled with possibility. But embracing adulthood doesn’t have to come with the heavy price tag. At least not when it comes to furniture.

Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas are an ideal seating choice, especially if you have guests and short-stay visitors over often. These convertible couches are stylish and sturdy, with comfortable cushioning for a good night’s rest. Stilted models are preferred for more compact living rooms as they make the space appear more airy.

Coffee Tables

Always pick a small-sized coffee table over going without. Glass lends a more open feel in a small space. Wood is warm and wholesome if you have the room. A shelf below will give you all the convenience of a table top for your drinks and snacks, while housing space for entertainment add-ons like remotes and magazines.

Floor Lamps

Trendy floor lamps brighten up a room, literally and aesthetically. They don’t take up a lot of space and add warmth and focus to an area. Choose overhanging pieces to shower light on your sitting area or a architecturally-inspired vertical model to lend a modern edge to your decor.

Beds & Mattresses

A stylish king bed, fitted with a superbly cozy memory foam mattress, is ideal for two - roomy enough for a restful night’s slumber. Choose a padded headboard if you love reading or watching TV in bed. A platform bed is advantageous if you use the space under for storage.

Night Stands

A small side table keeps bedside essentials like a table lamp, electronics, spectacles and books at hand so you don’t need to beg your other half to get them. Choose one with multiple drawers if you have a lot to store.

Lounge Chairs

A lounge chair can lend a stylish pop of color and character to any room. It’s also great for added seating, anywhere in your home, when guests are over.


A good cabinet with segregation doesn’t just meet storage needs, it’s a stylish addition to decor, too. Use the table top to stack books, place picture frames or personalize according to your style. A vertical silhouette will save floor space in a compact room. A horizontal style gives you more table top room to decorate.