Rent Sectional Sofas in San Francisco and the Bay Area | CasaOne

Standard Delivery Selected
Inga Left Sectional Sofa Blue

3 - Seater100 inches

Campaign Reversible Sectional Sofa Russet Brown & ...

3 - Seater86 inches

Article Sven Right Sectional Sofa Aqua Tweed...

4 - Seater100 inches

Article Burrard Left Sectional Sofa Stone Blue...

4 - Seater112 inches

Article Nova Left Sectional Sofa Bard Gray...

4 - Seater114 inches

Article Sven Right Sectional Sofa Grass Green...

4 - Seater100 inches

Article Carbon Modern Left Sectional Modular Sofa ...

4 - Seater115 inches

Article Ceni Corner Sectional Seagrass Green...

5 - Seater88 inches

Article Sven Mid-Century Modern Tufted Left Sectio...

4 - Seater100 inches

Engage Left-Extended Sectional Sofa Beige

3 - Seater109 inches

Olivia Sectional Sofa RHF Blue

3 - Seater70 inches

Leonardo Sectional Sofa LAF Gray

4 - Seater60 inches

Empress Upholstered Fabric Right Extended Bumper S...

4 - Seater64 inches

Empress Left-Extended Upholstered Fabric Sectional...

3 - Seater99 inches

Empress Left-Extended Upholstered Fabric Sectional...

3 - Seater99 inches

Empress Left-Extende Upholstered Fabric Sectional ...

3 - Seater99 inches

Divani Payne Modern Fabric Sectional Sofa Gray...

3 - Seater120 inches

Arneb Reversible Sectional Dark Blue

4 - Seater86 inches

Becket Modern Left Extended Sectional Sofa Dark Gr...

3 - Seater102 inches

Botein Modern Compact Reversible Sectional Orange...

3 - Seater77 inches

Cruz Reversible Sectional Beige

3 - Seater82 inches

Puget Sectional Gray

3 - Seater91 inches

Puget Right Extended Sectional Charcoal Velvet...

3 - Seater92 inches

Altheimer Mid Century Modern Modular Sectional Sof...

4 - Seater85 inches

Avior Sectional Brown

3 - Seater82 inches

West Elm Eddy Reversible Sectional Sofa Feather Gr...

3 - Seater90 inches