Essentials for a Productive Office

Office furniture speaks volumes about your organization - to your clients and to your employees. It needs to look great and be comfortable. After all, your staff will be spending the majority of their workday seated on the furniture you choose. We have put together an understated and elegant collection of desks, chairs, file cabinets, conference tables, cafe tables and lounge seating that work well in all kinds of professional spaces.

Pricing tailored for your modern office

20-employee furniture rental plan
  • Desk X 5

  • Chair X 20

  • Sofa X 3

  • Armchair X 4

  • Cafe Table X 4

  • Cafe Chair X 8

  • Conference Table X 1

  • Conference Chair X 4

  • $150/mo

    per employee, for 20 employees

40-employee furniture rental plan
  • Desk X 10

  • Chair X 40

  • Sofa X 5

  • Armchair X 6

  • Cafe Table X 8

  • Cafe Chair X 16

  • Conference Table X 2

  • Conference Chair X 8

  • $140/mo

    per employee, for 40 employees

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Office Desks

A roomy desk can help keep the work space uncluttered. Choose from one, two or three-person desks that enable you to easily scale your office seating with add-on options from the same family.

Office Chairs

Height-adjustable chairs could stave off back strain as it allows you to position yourself and sit in the right posture. Our chairs are ergonomic and contoured with good cushioning, providing the support needed for long hours. The casters allow mobility on carpeted as well as hardwood floors.

File Cabinets

Choose from a variety of dedicated storage units for frequently-used items such as files and other office supplies. These cabinets help in maintaining a structured filing system for quick and easy access to the vast number of files. Pick vertically-designed cabinets with rollers for the comfort of shifting the cabinet from one place to another with ease.

Conference Tables

Brainstorming sessions don’t have the same output unless conducted around a conference table. Our selections are perfect meeting room additions with clean designs that don’t compromise on the table top space. We have tables that accommodate groups of 6 to 10 in number, not to mention the ease of scaling the seating with add-on options from the same family.

Cafe Tables

Make meal time feel like a leisurely break with stylish cafe furniture. Your staff will come back refreshed and revved up for the rest of the workday.

Lounge Seating

Between those energy consuming projects in office, encourage your employees to lounge and relax on our plush, cushioned chairs teamed up with stylish coffee-tables.