On-Demand Furniture For The Office

Furniture is expensive, unchanging and heavy—no longer! Get your business on a furniture plan that’s in sync with your growth.

Why Rent From CasaOne

Keep Options Open

Scale your requirement up or down as needed. Looking for a makeover? Furniture swaps and upgrades are also part of your plan.

No Upfront Cost

Start-ups spend over $20,000 buying furniture in their early years. Renting lets you take it one month at a time.

One-Click Experience

The smoothest furnishing experience in town. We’ll be ready with your plan as soon as you can say "six-seater conference table."

Premium Quality, Modern Furniture

We’ve put together the perfect furniture ensembles for many businesses in the Bay Area -- always taking into account their personality, employee comfort and productivity needs. From height-adjustable standing desks to productivity stations to lounge furniture for breakout sessions, we’ve got them all in a range of styles.

Dyph Desk
Gliums Standing Desk for 2
Heaving Desk+Chair for 2
Jade Desk + Chair for 2
Lidus Plus Conference Chair
Nobokov Conference Table
Partner Bench
Pivot Office Chair
Plato Loveseat
Pontis Bench

Leave the heavy lifting to CasaOne


Whether it’s 30 chairs, 12 standing desks or a bulky couch, it makes no difference. As quickly as 72 business hours, we will have your order delivered.

Quick Delivery

Our delivery champions are ninjas at furniture assembly. Without you lifting a finger, you’ll have your office up and running in no time at all.

Efficient Assembly

We’re pretty flexible with pickup and always looking for win-win solutions. As always, you focus on your business problem and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Flexible Pickup

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Furniture rental is the smart choice for any business – easy on effort, the pocket, and the environment. And our operations gurus, tech wizards and furniture experts have put together a stellar rental experience. So, get in touch – and be ready to be delighted.

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