Adamson Rug Light Brown




Dimensions (inches)

109.2W * 3H * 80.4D

  • Assembly RequiredNo

Adamson Rug Light Brown

  • Size 6' 7'' X 9' 10''
  • Feel The fibers of this brown rug are pleasant and relaxing when stepped on. Its perfect for those who lead busy lives and would enjoy a nice, cozy rug to come home to.
  • Placement In the living room, place this brown rug under the front legs of your couch set. For z more cozier look, place it under all legs. This will also fit well two-thirds of the way under a queen-size bed, should you want to place it in the bedroom.
  • Durability With this rug, there's no shedding, tearing, or fading to worry about, but keep it away from direct sunlight for long hours to retain that rich brown color.
  • Maintenance You can clean spills and stains at home, especially water-based ones easily. Vacuum occasionally to get rid of dust, dirt, and fur if you have pets. Rotate regularly.
  • Why rent this? With a deep brown hue and soft polypropylene fibers, this rug looks and feels like a million bucks. It's also so easy to clean and maintain, making it perfect for those who might be a little clumsy.
Price for 12-Month
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