Chromatic Rug Light Blue 9' x 12'



Light Blue

Dimensions (inches)

144W * 6H * 108D

  • Product Dimension9'W X 12'L
  • ColorLight Blue
  • Thickness1/2"
  • Product MaterialPolypropylene

Chromatic Rug Light Blue 9' x 12'

  • Size 9' X 12'
  • Feel The material feels padded and warm, just like stepping on wool. Each time you walk on this without socks on, the abstract multicolored fibers will feel nice and soft under your feet while giving your room a cozy ambiance.
  • Placement Place this rug under all legs of your couch set in a small living room, or just the front legs otherwise. You can also put this below a 6 or 8-chair dining set, or two-thirds of the way under a king-size bed (up to the side tables).
  • Durability This polypropylene rug is strong, non-shedding, and long-lasting. The colors won’t fade and if water is spilled, the fiber dries fast, protecting it from mold and mildew.
  • Maintenance This particular rug is child- and pet-friendly. Most messes can be removed at home or professionally if the stain is too stubborn. Avoid placing this rug in direct sunlight. Clear fur and dust using a vacuum cleaner and rotate regularly.
  • Why rent this? Built for durability and turning up the cozy factor of your home, this rug is a joy to walk on whether it's in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or study. It will endure a lot of foot traffic and stay hassle-free for many years.
Price for 12-Month
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