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Plywood | Linen


Darker Blue

Dimensions (inches)

81.5W * 31.5H * 34.5D

  • Dimensions (inches)81.5W * 31.5H * 34.5D
  • Sleeper SizeFull
  • ColorDarker Blue
  • MaterialPlywood | Linen
  • Gross Weight (lb)83.5
  • Seat Height (inches)16
  • Seat Depth (inches)23.5
  • Seating Capacity (No. of people)3

Hanlec Convertible Sofa Blue

  • Seating 3 to 4 persons
  • Usage Great for use in formal living rooms and guest rooms.
  • Comfort The linen feels luxuriously soft and the foam filling gives a light, relaxing spring with every sit. With linear tufting in the cushions, this plush sleeper sofa was built for extraordinary comfort, day or night.
  • Durability The linen is strong and reinforced with high-quality tufting, but it can tear with heavy use, so keep hyper kids away. The plywood frame is sturdy and resistant to warping, cracking, and shrinking over time.
  • Maintenance Linen fabric does not collect contaminants, so it can be easily vacuumed. Stains may be cleaned professionally or at home, depending on the spill. No regular fluffing required.
  • Why rent this? This spacious, blue futon sofa will give you or your guests immense relaxation by day and restful sleep by night. The sleek, modern style fits well anywhere and the sofa itself is durable.
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