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Ruby Red

Dimensions (inches)

76W * 34H * 31D

  • Dimensions34"Hx 76"W x 31 D"
  • Weight(lb)91.3

Makai Mid-Century Sofa Ruby Red

This long red sofa can withstand anything clumsy guests, tired backs, hyper kids, and well, stressful daily lives. It is low-maintenance and easy to clean, and no matter how your life might change over the years, this couch will still be there, buttons and all.

  • Seating 3 persons.
  • Usage Armrests give easy access to everything on the side table, but this sofa can host a party, family time, and a quiet weekend as well.
  • Comfort Foam and fiber cushioning is firm, but accommodating and comfortable to relax in. The sides work best with throw pillows and are easy to lean on. The frame is sturdy, yet the springs always give a pleasant bounce.
  • Durability The plump, button tufted cushions will hold its shape and the polyester makes the sofa resistant to wear and tear with daily use. The color won't fade and the frame was built to stand for decades.
  • Maintenance When spilled, water dries off quickly and the material naturally resists stains. Cleaning is as easy as using a lint roller or some mild detergent. However, the sofa will not withstand a hot iron or prolonged exposure to heat.
  • Why rent this? It's a spacious, durable, and comfortable red sofa that's easy to maintain and completely hassle-free, perfect for those who want a bright and long-lasting living room.
Price for 12-Month
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