Rent Tables

Rent Tables

A Table can fulfill so many different requirements to different kinds of people. Think of the desk in your studio at which you came up with that idea for your next big project. Consider the coffee table in your living room that has seen less coffee and more great times with your family, friends, and loved ones. What about that little side table in your bedroom back home, that contains a ton of your old makeup, odds and ends, and more memories than can fit into it? Chances are you’re sitting at a table right now, never having appreciated just how valuable it is to your daily life, and just how much you end up depending on it everyday, all the while taking it for granted.

At CasaOne, we understand just how important these little pieces of furniture are to you. Which is precisely why we’ve painstakingly selected some of the best pieces in each of the categories below.

CasaOne gives you the freedom to rent high quality tables, rather than having to buy them. We have some excellent deals on everything from Coffee Tables and Side Tables for your Living Room, to End Tables for your Bedroom. What’s more, renting from CasaOne allows you to swap out or upgrade your furniture, whenever you choose to, so you’re never stuck with what you pick.

With CasaOne, what you see is exactly what you get. We also provide free delivery, assembly, and post assembly clean-up in San Francisco and the Bay Area. With our 48 hour delivery guarantee, you can rest assured that your home will be fully functional and ready for you to move into it when you need it.

When it comes to tables, CasaOne has a range of options depending on what you need. Click the category below to look at our catalog of tables.

Coffee Tables for Living Room
Side Tables for Living Room
End Tables for Bedroom