Rent Furniture in San Francisco

Rent Furniture in San Francisco

Your Guide to San Francisco

If you ask for popular opinion, most people will tell you that San Francisco is the place to be, if you’re looking to experience diversity and the immigrant melting pot phenomenon first hand. San Francisco is home to America’s counterculture with everyone from the Beat Poets of the 1950s, to the Hippie subculture and the Summer of Love of the 1960s, to the Gay Rights movement tracing its origins back to San Francisco.

From the welcoming arches of the Golden Gate Bridge, to the hills that define the city’s terrain, to the beautiful beaches that embrace the coastline, San Francisco or The City as it is more popularly known, literally has something for everyone. With its picturesque streets and beautiful weather for the most part of the year, walking through the city is an absolute treat, and is one of the best ways to experience the sights and sounds of San Francisco.

Living in The City

If there’s one thing that defines San Francisco, and is absolutely unavoidable, even if you live under a rock here, it is the cultural scene in SF. From the museums and restaurants, to the local theatre and opera companies, to the scenic parks and attractions, San Francisco can boast of one of the richest cultures in America, and possibly across the globe. If you’re a dine-out sort of person, you’ll love the options that The City presents with some absolutely gorgeous local and ethnic options. And when all else fails, there’s always trusty ole’ fast food - you’ll find options scattered all over the city, all within walking distance of each other.

Speaking of walking, San Francisco has a love affair with walking and exercising. You’ll find some beautiful parks to exercise in, and the entire city is walkable, so you’ll always find people using the walkways around the city to get around. Because of the hilly terrain, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to spots to take in the glorious view - blue skies and sometimes a breathtaking panorama of the Bay, framed against the arches of the Golden Gate bridge.

Public transportation like the bus system can get you where you need to go, although the city still does not have its own subway system a la New York. Most people that live and work here don’t have their own vehicles, preferring instead to rely on Uber and Lyft.

Every neighborhood in SF has its own personality and peculiarities, and you could end up living here for years and never truly having known the city. Living in San Francisco is a wonderful affair overall, and will give you incredible opportunities to meet different people and open your mind to a world of experiences that you never thought you’d know.

Renting Furniture in San Francisco

Chances are you’ve already found a great apartment in San Francisco, and can’t wait to move in. But unfurnished apartments are not habitable and we’re willing to bet the hermit life is not for you.

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