Rent Furniture in San Jose

Rent Furniture in San Jose

Your Guide to San Jose

The city of San Jose is the political, economic, and cultural hub of Silicon Valley, and also the largest city in Northern California. The city was California’s first capital after California gained statehood in 1850.

San Jose started off as a quiet agricultural town, but following World War II, the area went through a major economic boom, resulting in a rapid growth in population, and a consequent annexation of several nearby cities and communities. In the years that followed, the rise and growth of the high-technology and electronics industries and of Silicon Valley transformed San Jose into California’s fastest growing economy, and also one of its most populated cities, that is noted today as a center of innovation, as well as for its affluence and high cost of living, although it does offer some of the cheapest housing in Silicon Valley.

Having earned the nickname ‘The Capital of Silicon Valley’, San Jose is one of the wealthiest major cities in the United States and the world, with the third highest GDP per capita after Zurich, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway. Several major technology giants are headquartered in the city of San Jose, including eBay, Cisco Systems, PayPal, Samsung, Adobe Systems, Acer, and Western Digital.

Living in San Jose

San Jose is the definition of the term melting pot; it is known as much across the world for its diversity as it is for anything else. The city is large and is made up of mostly modern architecture. San Jose does not have a homogenous architectural design like Palo Alto and much of Mountain View. Instead, the city is made up of a mix of large apartment building complexes and old school Palo Alto like houses.

The weather in San Jose is gorgeous through the year, with summer temperatures reaching the mid 70’s and winter temperatures dropping to between 30 to 40 degrees. Spring in San Jose is very pleasant and is one of the most popular seasons to visit the city. San Jose is an extremely safe, peaceful city to live in, and is one of the cities in Silicon Valley with the perfect balance of residential and commercial areas. The city has a good school system, beautiful neighborhoods where you’re likely to encounter people from all over the world, and a good downtown area that has some excellent restaurants and bars. Because of the diversity in San Jose, food options are plentiful and everything from Indian to Mediterranean to Japanese food is easily available.

One of the best things about San Jose is its proximity to almost everything. The beaches at Davenport and Santa Cruz are just an hour away. If you’re a fan of hiking, Mission Peak and Sunol are both just under an hour away. You can even go snowboarding or skiing by taking a road trip to Reno! And when all else fails, the city of San Francisco has plenty to offer by way of culture and entertainment, as well as art, music, and activities for all kinds of people. The nightlife in San Jose is possibly not as good as in San Francisco, although the downtown area does have some clubs, with several offering live music and comedy. San Jose also has tons of movie theaters, and if you’re sports fan, you’ll likely love the city with San Jose having its own professional ice hockey, soccer, and baseball teams.

Renting Furniture in San Jose

With the tons of great neighborhoods and the diversity across the city of San Jose, finding a house or apartment in the city is easy. Once you find your home in the city, you’ll need to start furnishing your new place, and this can be a little bit of a challenge. Until Now!

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