Home Furniture Rental in Santa Monica

Once a resort town, Santa Monica has quickly become the go-to place for people who’ve arrived in life. The neighborhood has seen rapid growth in its economy over the past decade and a major increase in the number of tourists. This is because it is home to many big businesses, such as Hulu, Universal Music Group, Lionsgate Films and Miramax.

Santa Monica is bordered by LA on three sides and by Venice on the south and enjoys an average of 310 days of bright sunshine every year. Real estate in Santa Monica, however, isn’t as expensive as it is in Brentwood and LA, which means that setting up a home in SaMo can be quite easy. CasaOne's home furniture rentals makes this even more easier and convenient. We offer luxury home furniture rentals at a fraction of the cost of purchase. Easy swaps, white-glove services and flexible terms include are other value-added offerings.

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Home Furnishings in Santa Monica

Renting Home Furniture in Santa Monica

If you have recently moved to Santa Monica and are looking to furnish your new house or apartment with world-class modern furniture, CasaOne is the best option for you. Our home furniture rentals in Santa Monica will help you set up your new home and relieve you of the burden. All you have to do is select your desired furniture from our wide selection and we will deliver it at your doorstep within 3 working days. We will also set it all up at no additional charge. Why waste money buying new (possibly cheap) furniture when you can just rent a much better set of furniture for a lot less money?

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CasaOne is Your All-In-One Home Furnishing Solution in Santa Monica 

Sourcing furniture for your home can be a tiresome, time-consuming affair. Enter CasaOne - a home furniture rental solution that caters to anything and everything revolving around home furniture. Besides offering a genuine cost-effective furnishing solution, CasaOne's services add further value in renting furniture. Get to work with experienced space planning experts to realize the true potential of your home, and when it's time for the furniture to arrive, we take care of all the hassle so you don't have to lift a finger.