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Vintage decor that complements your modern home

One of the biggest decor trends of the year is the ‘Grandmillenial’ decor that brings back beloved vintage decor and retro interior design staples. Considering how the pandemic has changed our lives, it’s only natural that we are craving the comfort and constancy of yesteryear reminiscing. While trends do often tend to get recycled over the years, what we are seeing with this particular trend is a different take. Home owners and design gurus alike are choosing to incorporate much loved styles from a bygone era against a more contemporary backdrop. Experts of course don’t recommend dusting off every retro trend, some of them are best left to the history books. We have cherry picked a few of our favorite old time trends that will work best in a modern setting and rounded up a few hacks on melding into your current setup. 

Opt for Warm and Bold Hues 

Warm colors are composed of fiery reds, decadent oranges and nature inspired greens – reminiscent of everything that you need on a cold day – a warming fire, sunlight and sand that work particularly well with a more quaint theme. 

While in recent times neutral colors have gained quite the following, the return of retro also heralds the return of drama in our palettes. While a full paint job might be an expensive undertaking, bringing in elements like a cozy sofa in a decadent marmalade or an accent chair in avocado green will anchor the sense of warmth you are looking for. These bold colors are known to have a positive impact on your adrenaline, add personality to any space, and balance out a neutral setting. However, if you’re not quite ready to shake up things, these elegant shades work equally well in small doses. Consider an accessory like a bold piece of wall art as the vintage decor against a blank wall to brighten up the room.

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Return of The Rug

Large layered rugs, a mainstay of the swinging seventies are no longer a primitive accessory used to simply keep your floors warm. The elementary decor piece has transformed into a quintessential that can tie the entire room together. 

A rug acts as the perfect multi-tasker to revamp any room and with the endless variety of styles, colors and sizes available, you are sure to find the weave for you. Conversation pits are also making a huge comeback this season thanks to our socialization starved surroundings and a large rug is ideal to organize the seating area and grounding the space. Rugs are of course no longer just meant for the living room, they can be used to add texture to your bedroom, section off a kitchen or zone off a work-from-home nook. You can even transform a dull outdoor dining area with a rug in a bright and unexpected color. When it comes to rugs, you don’t have to be afraid to experiment, layer a plethora of textures, colors, patterns and styles to give your space a more nuanced look and add extra comfort. An ageless icon of aesthetic and utility, this is one vintage decor trend we are glad is making a comeback. 

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Light Up Your Decor

When it comes to light, a touch of glamor never hurt anyone and with the return of loved vintage decor trends, statement lighting in its many glorious forms is now a must have in a modern home. 

Fan of old school Hollywood glamor? Standout lighting fixtures will demand a second look and fill your space with much needed finesse. While contemporary decor schemes cannot really accommodate large chandeliers, a stunning ceiling light will punctuate the beguiling atmosphere you are setting out to create. Interested in something more intimate? Consider the humble wall sconce. Add a pair of matching wall sconces in an alluring pattern to add visual depth and infuse a subtle luxe vibe. Looking for something far more lowkey? The reliable floor lamp in a lustrous finish or a graphic accent is an effortless addition to the space. Even a simple desk lamp in a groovy hue will add to the cozy atmosphere and enhance the space it is placed in. 

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For the Love of All Things Natural

While rattan furniture and macrame hangings seem to have shifted to the background with the arrival of newer products in the last decade. Natural materials and their presence in our homes seem primed for a comeback. 

While we are seeing a shift to sustainable and eco-friendly furniture world over, previous favorites like rattan deserve a second look. While it might be easy to dismiss these pieces as kitsch, old-fashioned or unsuitable for indoor spaces. Natural materials like rattan and bamboo are extremely versatile, strong and durable. The woven vine design easily adapts to a variety of different styles and is perfectly at home indoors or outdoors. They can be woven into coffee tables, dining chairs and even light fixtures. They are also further perfectly complemented by natural textiles like cotton, linen and wool for your pillows, throws, duvets and sheets. This adds to the rustic simplicity and creates an effortless sense of warmth. 

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Old School is Back in Fashion

This season we are seeing a wide acceptance of vintage designs like curved furniture, flanged pieces and even skirted seats. These treasured styles are seeing a re-emergence in urban abodes all over. 

In recent times most design leaders and influencers have leaned towards straight lines and right angles. While this does lend modern living rooms a sense of clean cut elegance, some of the staples from the days gone by do have their very own distinct charm. One must recall the sensational flair of a skirted bed, the uneven rusticity of a curved nightstand or the allure of an antiquated dresser with cabriole legs. All of these classic styles of vintage decor have a place in your cosmopolitan home and can be paired against more current designs like an industrial metallic coffee table, geometric print cushions or even a post modern sculptural piece. All it takes is a bit of imagination to perfectly mix and match these completely different approaches. 

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Over the past few years, we have all been forced to introspect on our current lifestyles and nostalgize about the good old days. Our modern home decor could surely use a dose of old world comfort and charm. This roundup of the best vintage trends and CasaOne’s extensive catalog will make it easier for you to integrate it into your contemporary space. 

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