Hello, CasaOne Store. Gorgeous Pre-Loved Furniture, Home-Delivered!

2020 was the year we embraced change. While it’ll go down as the most unpopular year of all time, we can’t deny that a few good things came out of it.

In 2020, we fell head-over-heels in love with nature. We connected deeply with the ones we care about. We learned to resist the temptation to buy things we don’t really need. We set up an emergency fund. We wholeheartedly supported our favorite small businesses and local brands. We also shopped consciously. 

And, in light of that, we’re happy to share that our idea for a pre-loved furniture store stemmed from that pure place. We decided to embrace the challenging year that was 2020, and give you, our lovely customers, something valuable. 

Say hello to the CasaOne Store.

So, what is the CasaOne Store?

The CasaOne Store is your go-to secondhand furniture store to spruce up your home beautifully, quickly, and affordably. If you’re moving to a new home, or are looking to upgrade the one you’re living in, you can adorn it with our chic and functional pre-owned home furniture. From practical study furniture to utterly swoon-worthy home decor — find it all at our store!

A gift that keeps giving

Here are 5 reasons you’ll adore the CasaOne Store:

#1 Your fave brands at pocket-friendly prices 

At the CasaOne Store, you’ll access furniture from brands you already know and love, which means that you might just spot a piece you’ve been eyeing from your favorite brand at a throwaway price. Take for instance this stunning Mid-Century Modern loveseat from Article — you can now bring it home for just $423, which is almost half its original price. It’s as pocket-friendly as it gets!

#2 Make an eco-friendly choice 

It’s no secret that disposing of your used furniture can leave a large carbon footprint on the environment. By buying pre-owned furniture, you’re shopping consciously, reducing waste and making a smart, eco-friendly choice.

# Kickstart your fitness journey 

Buy fitness equipment in San Francisco

With the pandemic transforming our lifestyle in such a massive way, we understand that staying fit and looking after ourselves is more crucial than ever. That’s why, apart from functional furniture, we’ve also curated fitness equipment to help you stay active within the comforts of your home. Get kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands and other fitness accessories home-delivered. You’ll enjoy getting fit with a little help from us! 

# Enjoy our 5-star white-glove service 

With fast delivery, smooth service, and great deals, you can now buy your furniture from the CasaOne Store in SF, NY, LA and San Diego and experience never-before-seen convenience.

We’re pretty certain we wouldn’t give 2020 a second chance, but we definitely think our gorgeous round-up of pre-loved furniture will find a second home and a special place in your hearts! 

Explore the CasaOne store here.