Bedroom Design Ideas
Like good friends, close family members or spouses, close proximity can sometimes make you oblivious to subtle alterations in appearance that, over the years, can culminate in quite a glaring evolution. As for your bedroom: same. Think about those cushions you haven’t washed or replaced in years, or the peeling wallpaper you pick on when you are bored. Could your sleeping station do with a makeover? Or maybe your bedroom isn’t really that bad but you’d love to add a bit of character and life to make it more inviting and fun. Whatever it is, there’s something for everyone in this guide. Whether you have lived in a staid room that’s been on the decline for a decade or moved into an apartment with a bare boudoir recently, use our inexpensive and easy-to-apply decor tips to spruce up your bedroom.

1. Buy New Bedding

Buy New Bedding By far the easiest way to upgrade your room’s look is to start with the bedding. Assuming your bed takes up the lion’s share of the room’s area and focus, jazzing up the sheets is a surefire way to freshen the vibe. Buy a nice comforter, upgrade your bedsheets with trendy prints or clean block colors, add a bolster for a bit of cushioned indulgence. Added Benefit: Bedsheets are a bacterial breeding ground and experts recommend washing them at least once a week. A spare set of sheets ensures you enjoy that crisp, freshly-made bed feeling more often.

2. Push the Bed in the Corner

Push the Bed in the Corner We’re hardwired to think of a bed as the centerpiece of any bedroom - a side table on each side and space around every edge save the headrest. But if you want more room, and a more roomy look, it’s time to go rogue on that Reader’s Digest perception of perfection. Especially useful if you don’t share your bed (so you don’t have a ‘side’), push the bed up into a corner and witness your room grow in square footage. Added Benefit: Enough space for sun salutations on a yoga mat. Added backrest for when guest gravitate toward the bed.

3. Get a Platform Bed with a Sleek Frame

Get a Platform Bed with a Sleek Frame
Photo by Pat Freling of Paint Strategies
Platform beds - beds on legs where there is a reasonable amount of space under - give off visual cues of more space. Something about being able to see some of the area under the furniture makes us perceive the floor space as roomier. Platform beds, such as this Bed For Rent, usually have sleeker frames too, which work well rooms that are on the smaller side. Added benefit: A couple of drawers or a few storage boxes can fit neatly under and give you a few extra shelves of precious closet space.

4. Keep it Light, but Keep it Bright

Keep it Light, but Keep it Bright White is the go-to color for most home decor. There’s a good reason for this: it lends an expansive air and generally makes the area looks classy - think art galleries, yachts, P Diddy’s parties. If your room has dreary walls or busy printed wallpaper, a simple paint job is a great way to make it look spanking new. Added Benefit: White walls are the perfect canvas for decor like shelves, frames and posters. It’s also a good option to brighten up the room if you have tiny windows that aren’t bringing in a lot of natural light.

5. Use Mirrors to Open Up the Room

Use Mirrors to Open Up the Room A large mirror, a small one, or several, can really increase the depth of your space, making it look bigger. Funky, framed ones like these Mirrors on Rent add a nice, cool touch to your bedroom decor. It’s also your best friend when you need to get ready. Added Benefit: Double up the natural light in your room by placing a mirror to reflect the sun rays that come in through your most-sunned window.

6. Accessorize with Lighting

Accessorize with Lighting Lighting is an inexpensive and easy way to boost any room’s attractiveness. According to your personal taste, there’s a range of great lighting options to choose from. Lanterns and fairy lights for a feminine or fantastical look. Cool spotlights, table or floor lamps can be classy, edgy or retro, all depending on the design you fancy. See fabulous lamps for rent starting at just $4/mo. Added Benefit: A couple of lamps gives you the advantage of adjustable wattage so you can have soft lighting to relax in or power up all the bulbs when you need to get some work done.

7. Make a Cozy Nook

Make a Cozy Nook If you have space, a great wow factor to add to any bedroom is a well-segregated ‘quiet corner’, preferably near a window, where you can curl up and read a book or just watch the world go by. Make a perfect spot for one with a comfortable armchair (you can rent armchairs here), a lamp, some cushions, and a rug to keep your feet toasty. Added Benefit: Up the ante by adding a no-nonsense side table to keep your laptop and morning coffee. Rent side tables, starting at just $9/mo.

8. Get a Bench

Get a Bench Is there anything cuter than a bench in a home setting? A bench placed at the end of your bed lends the whole room a cozy, organic feel and really elevates the ambiance. ‘How is a bench a fuss-free addition to my bedroom?’ is what you may be thinking. Well, you can have one in as quickly as 72 hours when you rent a bench at CasaOne. Added Benefit: Need more seating in the living room when guests visit? Scoot that bench to anywhere in the house you need it.

9. Live a Little

Live a Little A few houseplants can add vibrancy to even the drabbest space. Liven up your room with some actual, living greenery. Get a large rubber plant or yucca (these guys are hardy) to add some freshness, or accessorize with smaller flowering cactus and succulents - also a breeze to care for. See these sets of colorful planters on rent to add an extra touch of color. Added Benefit: Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and generate oxygen, giving you that fresh feeling.

10. Get Some Flowers

Get Some Flowers Just like plants, flowers are an excellent way to introduce color and add some happy energy to your bedroom. Whether at your bedside table or window sill, a vase of pretty peonies can really lift your mood and the mood of the room. Added Benefit: With CasaOne, you can now rent vases for a few dollars a month, so you don’t have to worry about packing breakables in case you plan on moving.

11. Populate the Walls

Populate the Walls It doesn’t have to be ‘art’; use photo frames, posters, prints or even frameless pictures on your walls to add some personality. A gallery wall is trendy and super easy to do. Or a larger poster above your headboard for a retro, kitschy look. Short on space? Floating shelves add storage and can be decorated with hanging ornaments or standing curios. Or get that guitar to do double duty by hanging it up on the wall when you are done jamming. Added Benefit: Wall decor gives you the opportunity to really personalize your space according to your tastes and interests.

12. Tie it in with Textiles

Tie it in with Textiles A bright or patterned rug can update your room in a jiffy. See rugs to rent here. Get a complementing set of curtains and, boom, your bedroom just got game. Added Benefit: Rugs add a cozy element to your decor, and encourage floor seating when the room gets crowded. Revamping a room doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. A few sensible inclusions and renting out some standout furniture and accessories is low on commitment and cost but can really amp up your room’s aesthetic value.

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