woman with decor hacks in home
Looking for some easy decor hacks? Swap your linens, get new lighting, add plants, make small tweaks, and rent some furniture for an instant upgrade! Read on to learn how.

Let’s face it, one of the perils of being a millennial is how difficult it is for us to own a home. With busy jobs and changing schedules, it can be tough to think of staying rooted to one place or investing our wanderlust travel money on a home. Living in a rented space, however, shouldn’t be the reason you shy away from decorating the house of your dreams. Don’t wait till you own a place (or even furniture!) to create a cozy space just for yourself. With easy furniture renting options like CasaOne and a multitude of decorating hacks available, you can turn everything from a one bedroom apartment to the largest house into a trendy, cozy space.

If you own your own home, don’t stop reading, these easy home decor hacks are for everyone to use!

It’s All About The Linen

blue bed decor hack

What’s one thing that doesn’t come with your rented apartment but can make a huge difference? We’ll give you a hint - this is worth investing in because you can carry it with you to your next rental property as well! In case you haven’t guessed, it’s home linen. Swap out your window blinds or original curtains for bright, cherry colors to instantly brighten up the room. Mix and match cushions, throw pillows, rugs and sofa throws in different textures and colors to add depth to your apartment room decor. Or go all out and buy yourself the coziest duvet and bed linen you can find. Not only will this add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, you’ll probably sleep better every night too!

Get The Lighting Right

woman in string lights decor in rented space

Just like how it’s important to use strategic lighting to get the perfect photography composition, the right light can also make your home look even better. In a rented property, it may be tough (read: impossible) to convince your landlord to rewire your home to add lighting in the places you want but with some clever interior design hacks, you’ll be able to fake the perfect lighting. Simply swap out bulbs to a voltage that suits your room decor or get a lightbulb with an in-built dimmer to create mood lighting. If you want to add more lights to your apartment room decor, you could also try interesting floor lamps and desk lamps. These not only add more brightness to the room, they also add to the decor for a double-win.

Make Little Changes

wooden shelves organizing hack in kitchen

If you’re on a budget or if you live in a small space, we’ve still got some cheap decorating hacks for you that don’t require much work, space or money. Whether you live in your own home or in a rented home, there are some household essentials such as toasters, blenders, pots, pans, cushions and so on that you need. Why not make these essentials the highlight of your home by making them ‘pop’. Not every piece has to be brightly colored, you can opt for pastels cookware, neutral cushions or even rose gold cutlery to add a little extraordinary into the ordinary.

Play With Plants

plants in glass jars

Purify the air, add some greenery and make your home extra pretty with some potted houseplants. Green plants add a touch of sophistication to your space but could require some care. If you’re not confident about being a plant parent yet, succulents are a great option to test your green thumb. Get some cute planters to add some extra pizazz or opt for wicker baskets to hold your plants and add an air of sophistication.

Rent Your Furniture

wooden furniture in rented space decor

If you move frequently, you might want to consider renting your furniture rather than buying it. There are several benefits to renting your furniture. You’ll be able to afford more expensive furniture at a fraction of its original cost, update your furniture more frequently, save on hefty moving bills and change your furniture according to the space and interior design of your rented apartment. With furniture rental services like CasaOne that provides high-quality furniture packages at affordable prices, furniture rental is now easy and seamless. Browse our categories of furniture packages and home decor to create a rental space that is uniquely you.

Love these ideas but not sure you can pull it off alone? Explore our Design Services, where you’ll get to work with our in-house designer to create realistic visualizations of your home with your favorite CasaOne pieces in them. Rent only the ones you fall in love with!

Got Questions?

What are the best decor items for an apartment?

The best decor items usually depend on your taste and the scheme of your apartment but it's hard to go wrong with comfortable cushions and rugs. These add an instant sense of coziness to your space. You can also add a bit of your personality to your home decor with art work on your walls and a few key statement decor pieces

What are the cheap decor items for my apartment?

Add pops of color with cushions and rugs. Print out artwork and hang it on your wall. Upcycle old furniture by repainting them - the possibilities are endless!

How can I furnish my studio apartment?

Decide on a theme and budget and choose furniture that falls within that. This will help you maintain an overall decor scheme. You can also look for cheap pieces in second-hand listings or rent the furniture that is a little outside your budget.

How can I furnish my home D.I.Y?

There are several ways to furnish your home D.I.Y. You can search online for easy D.I.Y decor ideas or browse through some of our previous D.I.Y decor idea articles for inspiration.