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Few things add elegance to the apartment more than an attractive, well decorated console table. Depending on your tastes, you can deck out your table in pretty much any style you like, reflecting your personal tastes and really adding some design flair to your living space.

A console table is usually placed in the entryway of your home but you can add one to your living room or dining room as well if you don’t happen to have a hallway.

These narrow tables fit flush against the wall as can house purely aesthetic items such as curios and artworks or be a mix of style and function with a space for your before-you-leave essentials like keys and wallets as well as decorative models and picture frames.

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How To Create The Right Console Table Decor?

1. Choosing a table


You’ll obviously want a console table that goes with the rest of your home’s decor or contrasts just enough to give it an edgy twist. Choose fabulous console tables on rent in a range of styles from our collection.

Take note of the dimensions of the table and measure it against the space you have accurately. You don't want an overpowering presence that you have to tiptoe around in your hallway.

2. Light it up

console table

The console table is a focal point of sorts in a room, what better way to announce its importance than with a stylish table lamp to brighten up your table’s contents. It’s also a useful way to additionally add some light to your hallway or room’s wall.

Placing a lamp on the console table gives you an option over just overhead lighting - useful to switch on by itself when you need soft lighting or in addition to overhead lighting when you require more brightness.

3. Create an attractive backdrop

beautiful backdrop

Don’t forget to use your wall above the console table as well - it’ll provide a beautiful backdrop and complete your design goals. A beautifully framed mirror isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s also great to get one last look at yourself before you head out or answer the door.

Or place a large frame of artwork you adore, or posters and prints in a variety of sizes. Photo frames also work well.

4. Less can be more

A key factor to beautifully decorating your console table

A key factor to beautifully decorating your console table is to avoid overcrowding it. When it comes to console decor, less is definitely more. Don’t overcrowd your table top with items.

Instead, make sure you find a good balance of space and pieces that appear visually soothing. This means that at least 25% and up to 50% of your table area should be bare.

5. Items to add

console table contents

While the choice of your console table contents is solely yours, if you are struggling to think of how to decorate a few pieces that you can’t go wrong with are plants, vases (with or without flowers), frames, curios, candles and decorative bowls and ceramics.

A few books are also a great way to fill in a spare bottom shelf on your table. Choose your items and in a range of heights and dimensions for some visually appealing variety.

6. Stick to a color family

color pallette

You will do well to follow a general color palette when picking out things to place on your console table. This doesn’t have to mean strict pastels or a solely monochromatic aesthetic, but a fluid approach where items in complementary colors are picked.

Don’t be afraid to throw in a few contrasting articles though, as long as they don’t look too out of place. And lastly, don’t think too much about it - there are no rights and wrongs here.

23 New & Trending Console Table Decor Ideas

Showcase your personality through your console table decor and it’s bound to match up perfectly with the rest of your home. Let’s now look at some interesting decor ideas that you can take inspiration from.

1. Pile up your favourite books

If you've got a collection of books, why don't you use them to decorate your console table? Using books with a common theme or consistent colours would be a good idea. Place the largest book on the bottom and the smallest one on the top while stacking.

2. Top them with additional decor

After you stack up against your favourite books, place an item on the top so it doesn’t look plain. You can use a designer candle or a coffee mug.

3. Use warm accents

Warm accents are perfect for a neutral interior look in the house. To achieve this, choose a wooden table with a very light finishing. In case you are looking for a darker table, go for warm caramel.

4. Use some sizable metal decor items

If you don't have a lot of items on your console table, you can pick some metal decor pieces. Even if you put a single decor item, the metal texture will make it stand out.

5. Using a rimmed tray

Use a rimmed tray to elevate items like candles. You can either use a transparent tray, a metallic one or a wooden one. It comes down to your choice. It can be used to store accessories you use daily but don't forget to organise them frequently.

6. Decorative boxes and bowls

Boxes and bowls can not only be used as decor but they provide storage too. Metal boxes go well with light wooden tables whereas a transparent box or bowl can be used with a dark table.

7. Jewellery box

If you love wearing jewellery and other accessories, you can use your jewellery box to decorate the console table.

8. Contemporary art and antique table

A plain antique that can be supplemented by contemporary art is a good idea especially if you want your antique furniture to work in a modern space. This combination looks simple yet eye-popping.

9. Woven basket

If you love a woven basket to store your blankets and sheets, you can use them for your console table as well. Put them under your table and fill them up with a blanket or linen sheet. Remember that the basket and the table should be of the same colour for an aesthetic look.

10. Don't forget the wall accent

Light coloured tables go well with the vibrant wall colour. If the wall has a neutral accent like beige, light wooden tones of the table will be suitable.

11. Use a bench

If your console table is very wide in size, use a bench instead of a stool. You can easily tuck in the stool underneath the table.

12. Using a fabric

If you are not in love with the look of your console, cover it with a fabric that matches the aesthetics of the room. Use a pendant chandelier above and a metallic vase to make things pop out.

13. Two-tier console table

If you are looking for some extra storage, go for a two-tier table. Place towering items like lamps, candles and vases on the top tier. Put books and other small decors on the lower tier.

14. Using a stool for extra space

If your table has got some height and looks empty underneath, tuck in a stool. It fills the gap between the floor and the tabletop.

15. Don't use rugs under console table

Avoid using rugs under the table as they will make the table look very small. Instead, use a small rug in front of the table.

16. Succulents and small blossoms

If you love succulents you can use them on your table too. For small succulents, use an elevating platform like a holder to give them a height. Use light coloured pots with a dark table.

17. Family Photos

Family photo frames are a great way to give a personal touch to your console table decor. If you like seeing good memories every day, get a couple of frames on the table.

18. Empty Glass Bottles

Many people love collecting expensive bottles. Why not use them as decor items? You can pile them together or put them according to their colours.

19. A Vase of Fresh Flowers

If you have got a pedestal table, a vase of fresh flowers is a perfect decor. For a neutral or light-toned table, use dried flowers and pampas grass with a dark vase. If you have eclectic wall art, use vibrant flowers. For a console table placed in an empty corner, use flowers with branches with a transparent vase. They fill up the space and give a towering look.

20. Art Statement

No matter what kind of art you like, always choose oversized work. It visually anchors the console table on the wall. Place a trio of artworks to make the table a focal point for the visitors. You can even arrange them in a set of four or six.

21. Candlesticks

Candlesticks are a fun way to decorate a console table. Use a metallic candle stand. In case you have a round mirror hanging up the table, use two matching candlesticks on either side. If you have got some small flower pots on your table, grouping the candlesticks in pairs and trios is a good idea.

22. A Cool Splash of Colours

A vibrant and eclectic table goes well with an abstract background wall. It makes the table stand out from far away. Pair it with brightly coloured decor but try not to overdo it since it can be somewhat distracting.

23. Choose Decor According To Height

In the case of a tall console table, use small vases and accessories whereas for a low table use tall candlesticks, lamps and vases.

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