Are you looking to make the most out of having a relatively small patio area? Trying to avoid a cramped feeling when spending time in your garden? Small doesn’t have to mean confined, and using a few decorating tips and tricks you can make your patio space feel cozy and welcoming, or even create the illusion of having more space.

Build Up Instead of Out

Building upwards Building upwards instead of outwards is a great way to add some exciting features to your patio without having to take up a lot of space. The chances are you will want some decoration, and plants are among the most popular way of sprucing up your patio. What do we mean by building upwards? Avoid taking up too much of the surface area of your patio with features and furniture that is tall but not wide, utilize wall hangers and planters if you wish.

This is a chance to get creative!

There are some extremely clever vertical planter designs out there that can either be purchased or turn into your next DIY project. Ladder gardens are among the best ways to add lots of gorgeous plants without using up too much of your patio. Similar to building upwards in respect of furniture and planters, many types of plants and shrubs will grow upwards to have a similar effect and give an interesting look whilst leaving a lot of clear space. You can either opt for wall climbing plants or potted plants such as fuschias and sunflowers which will bring a huge amount of vibrancy without cutting into much of your patio space.


Casa On e Decor When it comes to making small spaces feel bigger than they are, mirrors are the oldest trick in the book. What’s more, they’re on trend at the moment as discussed in this list of six furniture trends to rule in 2018. Mirrors can reflect the greenery of your garden and make your space feel much more open and expansive. From window style mirrors to rustic antiques, there are lots of great mirror ideas for using outdoor reflective surfaces to add decoration and a spacious look to your garden.

Use Light Colors

This is a design tip you may have used when decorating small indoor spaces, and it works for patios too. Used correctly, light colors will make your outdoor space appear lighter, more vibrant and bigger than it actually is. White is the most common color used for this effect as it is so neutral. Combined with some clever lighting this will give a cozy glow to your patio rather than a dark, dingy feel we are trying to avoid.

Furniture With Dual Uses

Patio furniture isn’t necessarily out of the question, even with a small space. Using furniture such as an ottoman, which can be used for both storages and as a table or stool, help to maximize the efficiency of a space. Combine your efficient furniture with some upcycled folding or stackable chairs, and a “shabby chic” look can even be achieved.

Hang Lights

Lighting has a powerful effect on the human brain, and the right lighting can turn a cramped space into a cozy space if used correctly. How you light your patio once the natural brightness of the day has faded is something you will need to consider. Allan and Roth lights are wonderful for keeping a warm glow in your garden. Many of their outdoor lights are ETL listed, which means they are suitable for use in damp locations. They are often wall-hanging, meaning they take absolutely no floor space on a small patio, assuming your patio backs onto a wall. As a further bonus, lighting on walls is said to further add an illusion that a space is bigger than it is as the lighting is reflected onto a larger surface area. Have you enjoyed our post on making the most of your small patio? Feel free to comment and leave your feedback or tips below or share the article with anyone who might find it useful.

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