How To Design Your Home Office
It seemed so simple, right? A great desk + a great chair = speedy work, completed task lists, results you’re actually proud of, and a satisfying sense of fulfilment. But if this one-size-fits-all home office setup could actually do all that, you wouldn’t be here. At home, the design of your workspace isn’t up to any office manager; you’re in control. You want a home office that’s been exclusively designed to suit your own tasks and working style, and since you’re reading this now, you my friend, are on the right track. So let’s create a personalized home office to match your type of work and working style.

Home Office Designs to Match your Working Style

Home office inspiration with fabric chair and desk by window What does your workday look like? Are you a restless, break-the-rules sort of creative? A headphones-on, slip-into-work-mode coder? Or a team-playing, always-in-a-meeting executive?

Home office designs for creative work

White desk and laptop in a creative home office design There are two kinds of creative home office designs - One is messy and cluttered, and the other is clean and organized. For some people, a disordered working environment can stimulate innovative thinking. For others, a clean space is like a blank canvas that allows ideas to flow distraction-free. There’s no right or wrong, so go with whichever feels more you. Beige rug under a clean creative home office setup In both cases though, you can club your home office package with a rug to add a splash of color, or a touch of coziness. While we encourage ergonomic seating, you can place a bright bean bag away from the desk to sink into occasionally to block out distractions or take a break. Studies show plants and natural light are great creativity boosters, so you may want to consider that too. Home office inspiration with creative furniture, laptop, and flowers on desk Creative home office designs rarely leave the walls bare. You can decorate the wall behind your computer with abstract artwork, landscapes, or a quote to inspire you. On the wall toward the side, you can install a whiteboard or corkboard to brainstorm on. You’re free to edit this layout to suit your personal liking.

The messy creative home office setup

If you’re the messy creative type, choose a spacious area that has plenty of light and hopefully a view. Here, pair a large desk in any color or pattern of your choice, with an easily adjustable ergonomic chair, so you can let that restless energy flow. Creative home office furniture set up within a large room for movement You’ll want a big table to comfortably hold all your stuff, and the space around is to allow you to walk when you feel like it. If space is an issue in your home, get a height-adjustable desk so you can switch between sitting and standing to match your body’s rhythm. Creative workspace design with laptop, flowers, planner and lamp Clutter will work for you, but only if it comprises everything that has a reason to be there.
  • For work, you’ll need your devices - a laptop or desktop computer, drawing tablet, camera, phone, and/or headphones. You’ll also need a lamp you can turn on without leaving your desk.
  • For focus, you can get a stress ball, a doodling notebook, your planner and stationery.
  • And to make the space more comfortable, place plant-life, artwork, or a family picture. You may also bring your morning coffee, or a job-related resource (like color books, worksheets, inspiration, etc).

The organized creative home office setup

To do good work, creative workers use tons of tools. All your stuff is important and it all needs to be within arm’s reach while you work, so you don’t have to pause while you’re in the flow. Organized home office design for creative work For an organized creative home office, we recommend a small-to-medium desk in a neutral color with built-in drawers, paired with a comfy chair, and a file cabinet, desk organizer, or bookshelf depending on your space and style. If space is at a premium, stick to a small desk with built-in drawers and storage underneath. Large monitor atop desk for organized creative home office inspiration.
  • Place only your computer and a notebook or planner on your desk. Use the rest of the space for things you’ll need in the moment, like a coffee mug or drawing tablet.
  • Sort everything else into storage, categorized in any way you like. Our personal favorite is to categorize based on frequency of usage - what you use more often goes in the top drawer, and what you use rarely goes further away.
  • Set a routine to always clear up before and after you get to work.

Home office designs for analytical work

Analytical home office design with two monitors on black desk Are you a strategist, financial expert, data researcher, programmer, or similar? A home office that’s designed for analytical thinking is less about creative flows and more about setting yourself up for focused productivity. The work you do depends on logic and lateral problem-solving while creatives search for fresh ideas and flow. Of course, we’re not denying any overlap here. We’re only thinking of how you should design your home office so you can consistently excel in all your left-brain tasks. For analytical work, we recommend a large desk and an adjustable, ergonomic chair to start with. Don’t settle for any chair, get something that looks like it belongs in a CXO’s office. Home office design with wooden desk and red chair for analytical work Add shelves and cabinets depending on your space and style, and install some gorgeous lighting if you aren’t already set up by the biggest window. Pattern rug under brown chair and wooden table in a modern home office design. Then personalize your office to make it more you. This part is important. We both know left-brain tasks can cause burnout on those days when you would just rather go out for a run, cook a real meal, or finger-paint with your toddler. Right-brain creative workers have the benefit of pushing themselves and being innovative but rote or analytical thinking can feel dissatisfying, particularly if you miss the traditional work environment. We get it. To avoid that, turn the workspace into your favorite place to be, by setting it up with everything that makes you happy. A movie poster you love, family pictures, high-quality speakers, action figures, plants, your favorite books, your favorite anything. Really invest in it, and you’ll find yourself eager to reach your workspace every morning. Large monitor atop large desk in a home office setup for finance and data workers The large desk is to help you spread out your sheets and research for cross checks and comparison. If you’re a paperless worker though, choose a medium-sized table so that the space feels airy without feeling empty. Three monitors atop wooden desk in home office design for coders and programmers. For a cozier vibe, add a gorgeous rug that matches your personality. If you’re a fun, quirky kind of guy, get the quirkiest rug you can find. And if you just want to be comfortable, opt for single shades with a high pile. If you’re not sure, you can rent a rug for a few months and then switch it up till you find what feels good.

Home office designs for busy executives

Executive home office design with white furniture, black chair, and storage This section is for those who do a bit of everything, including the busy ones who need to collaborate and communicate with people for the better half of the day. Now if this is you, we get what you want - a home office that’s comfortable, spacious, and free from distractions (especially important during a meeting). We recommend a large desk. Even if you’re quite organized and paperless, a large desk provides the kind of space you need to shift from task to task without missing a beat. If space is an issue, get a double-levelled desk. This is also more ergonomic and believe us, you need ergonomics. Computer on wooden double desk with two levels for small executive home office designs. Which brings us to your chair. Invest in a well-designed ergonomic office chair so you can maintain the right posture while still having the freedom to move around. Club your pairing with sound-absorbent materials, whether it’s installing carpet on the floor, placing a large rug, hanging curtains, or if you have the ability, soundproofing the walls to prevent outside distractions and inside echos. In terms of your home office setup, turn your space into a command center, complete with the devices you need everyday, headphones at arm’s reach, and storage solutions to hold everything you don’t need immediately and avoid clutter. You may need a side table for a printer or fax machine (if you’re old school). Printer next to computer in a large home office designed for productivity. We also recommend a steady supply of sticky notes you can put up on your door right before you join a meeting, so everybody else in your house knows not to disturb you. Now, this fantastic command center can cause burnout if you stay at your desk often for too long, so we’d recommend a “recharge corner” with lounge furniture away from your work. Gray sofa and plants in the corner of a home office design for taking breaks. Perhaps a recliner, a plush sofa, a quirky bean bag or a swanky armchair - anything that fits your style, and that you can retreat to occasionally to unwind during the workday. Remember to pair it with a side or coffee table to hold your mid-day coffee, your favorite book, and good speakers ready to set a comfy mood. Man reading a book with coffee enjoying work-life balance at home. Mmm, who knew work-from-home could feel this good. For true work-life balance, keep this table fully-stocked with everything that relaxes you, so you can recharge and return to mega-productivity mode in no time!

Home Office Designs with CasaOne

Woman using dining table as a temporary home office We know you’re adjusting to the new normal right now, and working from home while in quarantine can feel unproductive, particularly as the days start to blur. Having a dedicated home office that’s designed just for you will help. At CasaOne, we’ve helped many people set up their home office spaces for as little as $27 per month. If you’d like some inspiration, feel free to connect with us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with interactive 3D visualizations of your space for free! You can also browse our wide catalog for furniture ideas you might enjoy in your new home office. Or connect with us by emailing We’re always here to help you make your life more comfortable at home.