Furniture for Thought: Forget Dinner, We Need To Talk About The Dining Table
We think a lot about food & diet – macro-nutrients, gluten-free, GI, GM, clean eating, cheat meals – you name it, we’ve talked about it, Googled it, maybe watched a documentary, too. And we should; food is important. It nourishes, heals, energizes -– and makes for great Instagram content. Now, how much time do you spend thinking about furniture -- its practical considerations, its functional attributes, its contributions to your social life? Hmm... our best guess is the two seconds you spent reading the last sentence, even as you spend probably 20 hours a day lounging in a lazy boy, lying on a bed, eat at a dining table. And still, furniture is more than just a bunch of wood and cushion you need to purchase. Like food, good furniture has plenty of long-term life benefits and needs some careful consideration. If you agree, our new $79/month fixed price set will be chicken soup for your home. If you still think you can continue with a ruined couch, we’ve gotta talk.

It’s Got Your Back Comfortable furniture should be your top priority when setting up home – bad posture due to a poorly designed chair can cause chronic pains and you won’t even know it until the chair’s in a landfill (who are you gonna blame it on, then?). Why would anyone make such a chair? Well, because the good stuff is sold at back-breaking prices, and most of us settle for the cheap stuff. Of course, you know this already, but it just doesn’t make sense to spend all that money on a new mattress. Well, you don’t have to. By renting, it’s possible to furnish your entire home for just $79 a month. At CasaOne, we only pick quality furniture (great material, fabric, finish) at reasonable prices, delivered free. And you can return or swap it for even better furniture whenever. Make Your House A Home Returning to a well set up home can help ease the stress, believe it or not. A good set of essentials is important in a personal sense – you feel more grown up, more adjusted - it puts you in a better frame of mind. Instead of dumping clothes on the mattress, how about a nice dresser? Sink into your comfy couch, put your feet up on a delightful coffee table or dive head first onto your glorious bed. So don’t “make do” with yard sale pieces or hurried bargain bin buys - get yourself a proper home. It’ll Make You Popular A properly furnished apartment is great for socializing. A house stocked with classy furniture (and good wine) is where everyone wants to hang out. Also, it’s a great backdrop for when you Skype with your parents. So think about your furniture choices. Good furniture is worth it. And you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars, either, especially if you aren’t sure of your tenancy or tastes. You can have a fully equipped living space, with all the benefits of top-quality furniture for a fraction of the cost and none of the shopping hassle, in as quickly as 72 hours. And here’s where renting good furniture can’t be compared with food: While you wouldn’t trust a $2.6 sandwich to be good on ingredients, we assure you that our sets that costs about the same price (per day) are high on quality and comfort.

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