A Perfect Match: Furniture Combinations You’ll Wanna Swipe Right To
There are plenty of roadblocks when furnishing your home - the budget, making the time to spend shopping, the effort in assembly, getting it delivered, etc. But we’ve noticed something else. One of the things that sends most people to a screeching halt, leaving them scratching their heads, is trying to put together pieces that complement rather than clash. In the rush of trying to get it together, some impulse buy a motley crue of furniture, lending that yard sale vibe to your home. Some lose track of dimensions, only to reach home and realize that the coffee table is more roomy than the sofa. For others, the mere thought of deep analysis and logistical contemplation for furniture is a tragic waste of time. We get it, we’ve all been there. And in a city like San Francisco, where there are hundreds of better things to do than lug around expensive four-legged beasts, why buy the furniture cow when you can get a whole variety of furniture milk and milk products for free? Don’t worry, our furniture is completely vegan.

What you get with furniture sets?

Well, pretty much whatever you want. We’ve got carefully curated collections for you to choose from based on budget, room, flat type and decor styles. Browse through the selections and see what suits you best. When we say carefully curated, we’re not just being savvy with the alliteration - thought has gone into putting together these classy sets. We make sure that each collection of furniture is balanced in colour, fabric textures and frame materials to create a homely synergy. Think rich oak wood contrasted with stylish metal accents, or a plush leatherette sofa offset by a brightly-hued retro lounge chair in woven poly linen. For instance, the Joan Premium Living Room set (above) features two side tables - in different styles but matched in their walnut colour. There’s a sleek TV stand also in walnut wood, accented in brushed stainless steel, pairing well with a steel and glass coffee table. The room is tied together with a plush snow-hued sofa. A powder blue armchair lends a pop of colour and an overarching stainless floor lamp a shade of class. Our budget-incredible Fixed Price Set to furnish a one-bedroom home includes 10 items. For just $89/month, your dining room, bedroom, and living room can be decked out with perfectly complimenting pieces, with great looks and quality to match. This set includes a groovy blue loveseat, a charcoal grey lounge chair, an espresso-hued wooden coffee table and a chic floor lamp for the living room. There is a full bed, full mattress, a nightstand and table lamp for the bedroom. And a dark bronze dining table for two along with chairs for your dining area. Get started Just find a set you love and we’ll have it delivered for free and set up as quickly as 72 hours. There’s more, our products are of the highest quality and standards. If you need a few add-ons to the set, browse the website or get in touch with us and we’ll recommend pieces that’ll fit in perfectly. Time to turn that furniture cacophony into a sweet chorus, see furniture sets for rent here. See your fully kitted out home in a few days. And see your favorite movie with all the time and money you just saved with these sweet deals.

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