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Your home is your castle. What it can also be is the central command post for your business, or a secondary workplace if you're someone who frequently brings work home. If you fall in either of the two latter categories, you need a home office. The jury out there is still undecided on who's more productive - employees that work from an office or the ones who choose to work from home. New research from a Harvard Business Review article suggests that people who work from their homes get more work done per day. How? Most of them singled out one common reason - the calm and quiet environment at home helped them boost their productivity. A great home office balances the rigors of work and the relaxation of life in your most familiar and comfortable surroundings. More often than not, these spaces may end up feeling a little too "office" and not enough "home," or vice versa. To strike the right balance, consider the following as you create a perfectly productive home office.

1. Think like a mouse

...and find the quietest nook of your house. Some people prefer some background noise to work, while others find any sort of noise at all (street traffic, noisy air vents, playful children) very disturbing. If you feel the same way about the slightest of noise, you should ensure that your place of work doesn't coincide with any space that isn't meant to serve the purpose of peace and calm. lime chair at desk in home office - casaone For example, if your home office is located in that part of your house which is close to the street, you may likely be disturbed by cars driving by, or by the chatter of the people on the street. Also, consider the traffic in your home. If your home office is located near the kitchen or the living room, sounds coming from these areas will be the cause of an easy distraction. The least you can do to be at your productive best is to look for a room with a door for your home office.

2. Go minimal

Trends come and go, but a minimal aesthetic to anything is a universally evergreen trend. Keeping your desk space clean with a limited number of distraction elements makes a difference in productivity and helps keep your head clear and adds character to your home workspace. laptop on minimal wooden desk near window - casaone You may feel the need to warm things up, just so things don't look too bland or sterile. Consider adding some plants to add a breath of fresh air and color into the mix. You may also consider accessorizing your workspace with some wall decor and multi-utility ottomans.

3. Avoid cluttering your desk

Do you really need to keep all those documents on your desk? Although it might take a bit more than clearing your desk to focus your mind, swimming through extra papers and pens deters your progress. Digitizing most of your paperwork not only means you having access to all of it on the go, but you'll also be preventing further use of paper and saving the planet. mac monitor on desk at home - casaone Then comes the case of overflowing cables and wires. One way to keep those ugly wires out of view and reduce the chances of tripping over them is to invest in wireless tech. If you can't afford to revamp your tech setup, consider a crafty combo of PVC piping, velcro and zip ties to mount power sources under the desk and out of sight.

4. Light it right

The average American employee spends about seven hours a day in front of a computer screen. We may assume brighter is better when it comes to productive workspaces, but constantly staring at the glare on monitors causes us to squint and strain our eyes even more. lamp shining on computer on wooden home office desk near window - casaone Studies show that people who work in natural light absorb more vitamin D, sleep better at night, have fewer eye problems, and essentially, are more productive. The lighting of a room also impacts your mood. Your home office should have an ideal blend of natural light from the side windows along with supplemental light from an adjustable table lamp.

5. Ace your space

Calling all New Yorkers (and anyone living in a teeny, tiny apartment). You probably don't have a lot of space to work with, so you ought to get creative. Opt for small, functional furniture. small home office with white chair, desk, and bookshelf - casaone Invest in vertical storage for maximal space optimization. When it comes to shelves, drawers, and cupboards - go tall, not wide. Use the divide & conquer approach if you're facing space-related constraints in your home office. Turn any room into your workspace with the help of room dividers, large plants, and paneled shelves.

6. Invest in appropriate furniture

You working from home presents you with the unique opportunity to select furniture that accommodates your taste. It's your chance to try out ergonomic, space-saving furniture that would never fly in an office setting. woman in home office with ergonomic chair, wooden furniture, and plants - casaone Remember that movement is key in your home office setup. Begin by investing in a chair whose height can be adjusted, has armrests and has a synchronized tilt for better lumbar health. The ideal partner for a flexible chair is a height-adjustable desk - one that can be lifted to become a standing desk or dropped down to accommodate a sitting position. It's always important to listen to your body and remember that your body is subject to change when you're setting up your home office. Flexibility and adjustability are two factors that simply cannot be ignored while making purchases to set up your workspace at home. Personalizing your workspace is a great first step in designing a comfortable home office, but you should continue addressing other areas of the room so you eventually end up with a thoughtful and ergonomically efficient space. It's crucial for your home office to evolve with your body and your work. white chair and black table in productive home office - casaone Coming back to your home castle. Shelling out large sums of money to setup and decorate your home office is simply not a viable option. But, that shouldn't stop you from realizing your dream home office. That’s where we come in. CasaOne is your all-in-one furnishing solution not just for your home office, but your entire home. Our services will allow you to rent home office furniture at affordable rates over flexible terms. It's now time to say goodbye to all the money and hassle involved around buying furniture. Why buy when you can conveniently rent?
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