Guide to Setting Up a Home Entertainment Center
The television takes center stage most weeknights, even if it wasn’t part of the plan. It’s either a movie to go with dinner, a couple of episodes before bed or a binge of your favorite sitcoms. If you’ve done nothing to elevate your viewing experience, you should know that there’s more to getting the best of your TV set than just propping it up on a unit. A bit of planning can really up the entertainment quotient at home. Here’s how to go about setting up your entertainment haven: The entertainment center begins with the TV set, so always consider whether it is time for an upgrade. New Smart TVs have a range of user-friendly features that can really enhance your entertainment experience, from seamless connectivity with your apps to crystal clear 4K resolution. If you’re ready to upgrade your current TV set but don’t fancy the hefty price tag, CasaOne now offers 50″ and 55″ Samsung Smart 4K UHD TVs for rent. Have it home delivered for when you need it and return it when it’s time to move.

1. Planning is everything: Put it on paper

If you want to limit the time you will be spending moving around furniture and shifting the TV for the right position, first measure out the dimensions of the room and draw a rough floor plan on a sheet of paper. Now play around with the position of your sofa set, units, speakers, etc, by drawing them into your floor plan - try to get it all as proportionate to your room as possible, by measuring it out preferably. This will allow you to visualize the end result.

2. Don’t stress out, it can take a few days

If you have just moved into a new apartment or are changing the position or layout of your TV area, don’t stress about getting everything done in a hurry. You need to plan your arrangement carefully and play around with the position of your TV in relation to your sofas. How will it work out when you have guests over to watch the game? Is placing it on one wall too close or too far from your seating? Don’t settle on a set up right away; it may take a few misses before you find the perfect hit.

3. Choose the ideal couch-to-TV distance

There are two components that are crucial to a comfortable, enjoyable television viewing experience. The first, of course, if the TV itself. The second is the seating - ideally, a couch. The placement of both these will form the crux of your TV entertainment area. Ideally, the distance between the TV and your seat should be 1.5 to 2.5 times the size of your TV screen. So, for a 50 inch TV, you will need a distance of 75 to 125 inches - around 6 and a quarter to 10 and a half feet.

4. Don’t forget about the sound system

Though it is not always feasible, especially in compact homes, ensure your couch isn’t flush against the wall as it can take away from the audio emitted from the surround sound speakers. If you do have a surround sound system, look online for layouts that fit your own for speaker placement. Generally, the two front speakers go to the left and right of the television, the center channel speaker is positioned above and side speakers a little behind the viewer and parallel to each other. The woofer must be placed below the TV set, while rear speakers should be placed right behind the seating area.

5. Don’t let the cables tie you down

Entangled cables are just about the worst sights in a living room. The solution: get a cable organizer online or use ties to have them sectioned and neatly arranged. It also helps to label your cables so you aren’t scratching your head when you need to get behind the box. Keep these rules in mind while setting up your entertainment center, and we can guarantee a great home viewing experience. So, go ahead and up your small screen the right way. Should you have any more tips, do let us know in the comments.

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