6 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Airbnb for Great Reviews
The math is simple - good reviews brings in more business and increase the profitability of your Airbnb. But besides the obvious rules to follow, how can you make sure your guests are pleased enough to leave 5-star reviews that will optimize your income? The devil is in the details - the impression and experience of your property are dependent on a whole lot of thought through additions and features.

1. Your Furniture Speaks Volumes

Quality furniture makes a great impression on guests. Premium furniture commands a high price because it’s crafted of luxury materials, has sturdy build, and is designed to be extremely comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. But you may not be inclined to blow thousands of dollars purchasing furniture that will be used willy-nilly by your guests. Renting luxury home furniture is a great solution - you get all the benefits for a fraction of the price. What’s more, you can rent as much or as little as you need and it will be delivered to you as quickly as five business days.

2. Be Diligent With Cleaning

Sure, you could do it on your own and save some money but the difference between a professional cleaning and a one-man mop and bucket act is poles apart. An extra bedroom may be easy to maintain, but a whole apartment can be much more challenging and any slack will easily show and turn off your guests. Also, if you have many back-to-back bookings, managing the cleaning can get impossible. Professionals do a great job, fast, allowing your space up and running for new guests within hours - an investment that literally pays for itself. Or you charge your guests through Airbnb for this cleaning charge - there’s an option on the website.

3. Maintain & Replace, Regularly

Replace chipped crockery, faded cushion covers, creaky beds, torn lampshades, or anything that brings down the aesthetic value and user experience of your space. Here’s where renting can save you a lot of hassle. Maintenance and regular cleaning of the furniture is taken care of by the furniture rental company and you can swap and replace pieces easily. So besides being cost effective when compared with buying, it also saves you money on maintenance. In addition, you are always ensured of items in tip-top condition so your interiors always look sparkly and perfect.

4. Stock Breakfast Beverages & Paraphernalia

Give your visitors that Sunday morning feeling, letting them leisurely unwind with a warm beverage before they set out for the day. Having a stove-top coffee maker or French press and some ground coffee is a small gesture that goes a long way with guests. The per person price works out to next to nothing, and it really adds the home-away-from-home experience that Airbnbs are sought out for. A small box of tea bags and a pot or kettle for boiling water is also a nice touch for guests who prefer tea.

5. Let Them Live Local

Besides being cost-effective, think about the reasons that people book Airbnb accommodation. Most will tell you it is to live like a local and have the amenities and comforts of home, avoiding the santitized atmosphere and duplicable aesthetic of hotel rooms. Your guests will also want to experience what it is like to actually live in their holiday destination - room or apartment style can positively contribute to this. Add personal touches that reflect the local culture of the area. You can do this through art, your crockery, linens, decor and items of furniture. A charming living area is one with character, which tells a story about the place.

6. Be Hospitable

Lastly, it pays to be engaging with your guests - welcome them warmly, have a chat and ask them about their interests and planned activities. Offering helpful tips and suggesting some of your favourite local joints to visit will be well appreciated and give them the confidence of having “insider information”. Also make sure that you respond to their queries and messages quickly. People don’t want to waste too much time waiting when on holiday and expect prompt answers to their questions. Turn the notifications on the Airbnb app to ensure you can always give a quick reply. About CasaOne CasaOne is a furniture rental company that operates in San Francisco and Los Angeles. It provides home and office furniture on rent on economical and flexible short and long-term plans, with an option to buy the furniture at any point during the lease.

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