Interior and Decor Trends of 2022

We are well into the third year of a global pandemic. Making our homes the focal point of our lives still continues to be a non-negotiable point of interest. Unlike the millennia before when aesthetics dictated interior design decisions, home decor today has drastically changed. The focus is very much on creating a haven of comfort and ease. The pandemic is the looming shadow influencing the interior and decor trends of 2022. Since we are spending more and more time at home, we are pouring much of our love, care, and attention into the spaces we inhabit. Here are the trends you need to consider for the new year.

Rise of the Biophilic Design

The biophilic design rests on the principle of being one with nature. This trend relies on incorporating natural lighting, better ventilation, and plants into your interiors to create that much-needed connection to our external environment that now seems out of reach.

biophilic design

The increased focus on wellness in the interior and decor trends of 2022 should come as no surprise. The importance of mental and physical health has gained much steam in the last few years. Hence, it's only right our abode reflects these changed attitudes. This has led to the inclusion of biophilic design elements. While this trend might seem complicated to bring alive in an urban dwelling, it is not quite as challenging as it may seem at the beginning.

Start small by placing carefully curated terrariums on your side table or revamping a bare corner with a well-thought-out display of elegant planters. Optimizing natural light is crucial to fully realizing this trend. So don’t block any windows and let natural light wash all over the space. In case you can’t rely on sunshine within your house, introduce a mirror in a key area. This decor item is as simple as it comes but is almost magical in its ability to enhance the light.

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Embracing the ‘Grandmillenial’ Look

The grandmillenial trend sees a return to known and loved classics like chintz, floral prints, and even skirted furniture. The style however sidesteps being kitsch or old-fashioned by incorporating them against a more contemporary backdrop.


The last two years have been tough on the vast majority of us. And it is only normal that most of us have been craving the simplicity and ease of yesteryears. The nostalgia of flanged furniture, bold patterns, and retro colors seem to have taken over home decor styles this year.

Homeowners are increasingly opting to decorate their homes with curved accent chairs, wallpaper with granny chic dainty detailing, or a beautifully large sideboard in a warm walnut or honey. Influencers and tastemakers are following suit with a lot of them suggesting inventive ways to weave the classics into your current contemporary decor. Consider a whimsical rocking chair in natural hues to brighten up a lonely corner or an old-school kitchen hutch to really anchor the vintage homey vibe.

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Travel Inspired Eclectic Decor

Since most of us have been confined to our homes, travel-inspired accessories and even furniture have seen a dramatic comeback. The eclectic mix of different styles has found harmony in the reality of a pandemic in the interior and decor trends of 2022.

travel inspired decor

Most of us have been unable to venture outside our homes thanks to the many restrictions in place and the contagious nature of the virus. This has led to the implementation of an aesthetic that draws inspiration from journeys around the globe, so don’t ignore the knick-knacks collected from your many travels. The good old eclectic approach can be used to meld various items with different cultural influences.

Interested in Scandinavian mod swan chairs? Try pairing a lower-height model with a short-legged Japanese table in a contrasting color and place it against a Bohemian rug in a fun pattern. Your mementos could also use a modern display unit. Want to kick it up a notch? Display your favorite collection of tipples from different countries on a royal bar cart in gold.

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Sustainability a Buzzword No More

Sustainable decor focuses on revamping the aesthetic principles and strategies you know so well and bending them a little to benefit the planet. This is however not simply a trend. It is also a call to a large-scale shift to the ethically made, reusable, and eco-friendly so your decor choices are kinder to the environment.

sustainable decor

Rising ecological concerns make sustainability an unavoidable factor to consider when it comes to interior and home decor in 2022. Fairtrade, recyclable and long-lasting are not just labels. These are absolutely essential when it comes to future furniture purchases, so ensure that you don’t go for a cheaper option simply because it is affordable. DIY has garnered a huge following thanks to the popularity of the cottagecore lifestyle. So go ahead and make a piece of your very own furniture with a little love.

Upcycle a humble nightstand with a coat of paint or repurpose an ordinary bench into an out-of-the-ordinary display with decoupaging. The customizing options are endless but investing in strong natural materials should not be optional. Natural materials have proven that they are not just earthy yet modish but can stand the test of time.

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Think Multifunctional Revamping

Given how our homes have become the nexus of our lives, we really need spaces that can play many roles at once. Multifunctional decor is soon becoming the norm. And it demands that we integrate different lifestyle features to create a unified versatile space.


Experts predict that people will increasingly downsize their belongings and start to adopt the ‘less is more' philosophy. We are increasingly seeing a push towards a multifunctional approach to interiors and practicality when it comes to furniture. You can start by smartifying storage, think about how certain pieces can serve multiple purposes at once. A smart ottoman doesn’t just have to be a footrest. It can serve as an inconspicuous abode for your pillows, remotes, or magazines. This idea can extend to how you choose to use your space as well. You have ample opportunities to get creative with your home office in particular. Whether it's the under-the-stairs nook or an unused closet, get a high-clearance desk and a flexible chair to get down to the brass tacks.

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While it might very much look like a repeat of last year, changing up your abode can give you the fresh eyes you need to dive into 2022. Shop from CasaOne’s exclusive collection of pieces that are on trend with the year’s latest decor philosophies to bring in the new year.

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