rattan furniture

There are no indicators that the rattan trend will fade. You may ask - why is it so widespread? Rattan has earned its rightful place in our homes and is no longer restricted to outdoor furniture.

Texture and curiosity are at the forefront of design for 2022. And rattan furniture has quickly emerged as one of the trendiest products in the world of décor. You won't have to go far to see it gracing homes and outdoor venues worldwide.

What is rattan furniture made of?

There are two types of rattan furniture: artificial and real rattan. Engineered resin makes synthetic, i.e., artificial rattan, which resembles real rattan. Despite not offering the same extensive advantages as natural rattan, it has become more widespread due to manufacturing developments.

Typical rattan furniture outdoors with a wicker weave is also perfect for indoor settings like conservatories and orangeries. In addition, it is one of the most adaptable types of furniture available and is high-end quality garden furniture. Natural rattan furniture has several advantages over synthetic rattan furniture, including longevity, durability, style, and many more.

rattan furniture

Difference between wicker and rattan furniture

One of the materials used to make wicker furniture is rattan. This means that wicker and rattan furniture generally come from the same source. Wicker is a generic term used to describe the materials woven to create the product. It is unlike rattan, which is a natural plant that maintains its original name during fabrication. This means that wicker furniture is the final product, whereas rattan furniture is manufactured entirely from materials taken from a rattan plant.

Why should you pick rattan furniture?

Make the most of your garden

In the first place, weaved wicker rattan furniture enables you to maximize your outside area. It is a popular option for homeowners who want to increase the size of their living space to include interior and exterior spaces. Plus, it allows you to spend time in the living room and enjoy the spring and summer on a dining set or sofa. Given that rattan is one of the strongest woods available, you will enjoy your purchase for many years for the money you pay.

It goes well with every piece of furniture

Rattan furniture is the ideal item to explore because it blends well with other materials, colors, textures, and styles. Pair boho rattan furniture with other furnishings for a cool and tranquil beach appearance. For example, add boho-style rattan bedside tables and a headboard with crisp white linen. Or create an outside sanctuary with a Mediterranean theme using rattan furniture, eye-catching outdoor cushions, and many plants. Rattan furniture is the best choice for boho, tropical, and retro styles, which makes its versatility all the more alluring.

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Ditch the whitewash

Rattan furniture is frequently painted or whitewashed to match the color scheme of a space. But rattan left in its natural color is a sensible choice for a more neutral setting. However, rattan may also be a basis for incorporating color because it blends well with all tones. To do this, add boho rattan furniture or any style of natural rattan furniture to your bedroom furnishing, add vibrant cushions to a simple rattan sofa, or choose a patterned rug for an already stained armchair. Make use of contrast and color, and let your eclecticism shine!

Bring the outdoors in
rattan furniture

Investing in ageless and classic furniture that won't look outdated in the following year or two always makes more sense from a budgetary and style perspective. Being "on-trend" is fantastic, but styles change frequently. And it takes a lot of time and money to keep your décor fresh.

Since rattan furniture can adapt to any time and climate, it looks as nice indoors as it does outside. The ability to utilize your conservatory or orangery more frequently throughout the year is fantastic news for owners of those structures. Rattan is perfect for indoors because of its natural appearance and neutral color palette. When the sun is out, you can use them outdoors as well. Since it is lightweight, it can quickly move outside in the sun.

Increase the value of your house

High-quality rattan furniture outdoor purchases can significantly increase your house's aesthetic and market value. It also gives an ideal chance to build a specially designed garden or patio for spending your spring and summer.

One of the top qualities any buyer seeks is a well-kept and sizable garden. A garden space can increase the value of your property and help you outperform other sellers in the neighborhood while helping you recoup the cost of construction.

Enjoy al-fresco dining

Thanks to the wide selection of outdoor rattan furniture, you may experience the pleasure of al fresco dining whether you get a table and dining chairs, a coffee table, or a bistro set. The idea that eating outside was previously primarily a feature of continental culture and not something the British would do seems absurd today. However, over the past few decades, that has drastically altered. Now when the sun is out, there is nothing we enjoy more than eating and drinking while the sun is high in the sky. In addition, you won't have to worry about paying a high bill at the restaurant if you and your family and friends enjoy the festive atmosphere in the comfort of your backyard.

Save money

Undoubtedly, you've seen innumerable TV commercials for expensive-looking couches with correspondingly high price tags. Rattan is a far more affordable alternative for those who do not have the money to spend hundreds of pounds on a new sofa.

At the same time, spending less doesn't mean losing any of the glitz or quality. Because of the tropical regions from which it is sourced, rattan is known for its strength and longevity. This guarantees that your furniture will survive for many years when properly cared for.

Go eco-friendly

Natural rattan also has the advantage of being fully biodegradable. It indicates that if you decide to replace your current product in the future, it can be entirely recycled. Synthetic rattan, on the other hand, does not provide the same assurance, necessitating its disposal at a landfill tip. Due to the significant amount of chemicals that landfills release into the atmosphere, they are one of the biggest problems environmentalists face.

Given the direct and indirect effects that the commodities and products we purchase today can have on the environment, it is more crucial than ever that we do so. When it comes to outdoor furniture, natural rattan furniture is among the most environmentally friendly options you can choose from. So, in addition to enjoying a beautiful piece of furniture for years to come, you are also doing your part to support future generations.

Durable option

Because it grows at the source before being harvested, natural rattan is a very durable material. The skin must be resistant to UV rays' highly potent nature to grow in an extremely hot environment, which it can do daily. It remains a very resilient material that can withstand the scrapes and knocks that come with regular use even after the hand-selection and utilization to create rattan furniture.

Purchasing from a reputable firm is crucial because the production process significantly impacts the final product's quality. Real rattan rarely experiences long-term problems like splinters and splits, while synthetic rattan frequently does. Synthetic rattan also typically does not last as long as real rattan.

Perfect for social-distancing

Many people will still be cautious about interacting too closely with others even after COVID-19. And the way we spend time together might have been altered forever. If you're still worried about this, rectangle dining sets let you entertain guests while maintaining safe distances between people as you eat and unwind.

Additionally, cube sets let you bury chairs behind the table. Everyone knows where to sit and no awkward talks occur! Similar to this, bistro chairs can be carefully separated so that no one feels uncomfortable sitting down for a drink and a discussion.

rattan furniture


The advantages of natural rattan furniture over synthetic rattan are numerous. Its numerous weaving patterns, assortment of colors, and innovative take on current furniture may elevate home decor and interior design to a new level.

You can choose natural rattan sets for an exquisite yet delicate and minimalist design. This is irrespective of whether you're trying for a monochromatic lounge or a tropical patio vibe! So what are you still waiting for? Whether it's a rattan stool, coffee table, or closet, embrace the natural rattan and boho rattan furniture trend to transform conventional decor into a genuinely eye-catching space. Shop the trending rattan furniture outdoor products and boho rattan furniture at CasaOne.

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