The 3-Minute Guide to Picking a Dining Table
Finding a good dining table isn’t a one-size-fits-all checklist. Like a dinner companion, your rapport will be dependent on several criteria. Our 3-minute guide will ensure you pick a table that’ll keep things comfortable and conversation flowing. First, what’s your ideal table? Think about:
  • How much space do you need?
  • Are you a dinner for two or potluck party kinda person?
  • Will it double up as a work desk?
  • Do you have sit-down meals or use the dining table as a makeshift shelf?
This should give you some idea of what you should and shouldn’t buy. Now for the practical constraints:

Tips for Selecting a Dining Table

1. Size

Keep room around the table
The size of your room will determine how big a table you can fit in, of course. Once you decide where to place it, don’t use the table dimensions as your fit guide - factor in two feet of room to slide in and slide out chairs plus another foot for convenience to move around the table. So a 4x6 foot table will need a 7x9 foot space at the minimum.

2. Space

If your table seats more than three don’t forget to configure the space between diners as well. Two feet of room for each chair should be enough to comfortably adjust yourself and give you enough elbow room.

3. Shape

Square tables are the ideal table for two
Round, square, oval or rectangle? Ovals and rectangles work in more compact spaces - think long, narrow rooms. If your room is square, a round table softens the decor. Square tables are perfect for a party of two - they’re space savers and look clean and elegant - and they also make great makeshift work desks.

4. Seating

Expandable tables give you the best of both worlds
When you are deciding on the number of seats, we recommend you reserve the space for regulars only. Don’t take up precious room space for intermittent parties. If you love entertaining, make a compromise with an expandable table and a few stools which guests can use.

5. Legs

If your short on space, a pedestal table still offers plenty of legroom
For those whose dining area is compact, a round pedestal table or a trestle rectangular table lends more leg room and space for chairs as the support is out of the way from the parameters. If you don’t have a space constraint, getting a bigger table should ease any elbow and leg room concerns.

6. Finish

Wood finish goes with salads, and almost any decor, but don’t shy away from other styles
A matter of personal taste, look at your decor when deciding. Wood goes with all decors and is a classic choice. A contemporary room may benefit from a glass and metal finish, whereas more eclectic tastes may lean toward a two-toned design, mirrored finish or rustic distressed wood.

7. Chair height

If your dining chairs have arms, don’t forget to measure the height of the arm of your chair to the apron of your table to avoid any unfortunate jamming of fingers. See chairs to rent here. So there you have it, top tips to make choosing a dining table simple. See dining tables for rent starting at $16/month.

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