6 Furniture Trends to Rule in 2018
It's done! 2017 is on its way out and is waving goodbye, and whether you're ready or not, it's time for resolutions. A great place to start is your very own home. It could be as simple as changing a loveseat, wall color or even just your bedding. Here are six trends that are sure to rule homes in 2018.

1. Dark, Tan Woods are In!

We saw a lot of pure white spaces and metals through 2017. While those are out, warm, dark wooden tones are totally in. Think coffee colored velvet couches, chocolate walls, soft blinds and warm lighting. To start with an existing light colored space, begin by picking up a gray sofa, or if you are slightly more adventurous, a red one! You'll find the warmth calling to you as you begin changing one element at a time.

2. Wallpapers are Back

And back in vintage, they are. Think large statement prints, sticking to tan colors and avoiding small patterns. We still suggest DIY, environmentally friendly paper, and as always, making a day out of it with friends!

3. More Space for your Butt

Yes, yes, yes! Finally, this year screams comfort seating more than anything! Couches are getting bigger, single seats are bigger, even stool cushions are more plush. If you have the space for it, a sectional might just be what you were looking for.

4. Bold Storage, Heavy Cabinetry

If you haven't guessed already, while simplicity and minimalism is still appreciated, the trends are leaning towards luxury, comfort and warmth. Stand out storage pieces or chests that demand the attention of the room are highly recommend. Couple that with some wooden, dark stained cabinet doors and you're set!

5. Can't say No to Flowers

One big flower printed across a love chair, or flowers printed all over your wallpaper. Either of these fit into 2018's forecasted love for flower prints. And we think it makes sense, given dark warmth is the general theme of the year, flower prints are sure to add that much needed pop of color.

6. Mirrors!

Remember when everyone wanted stainless steel, or better yet, frameless mirrors? Well this year, we’re recommending you brass it up, with our selection of mirrors. Add a few vases to go with your mirrors to liven up your study or bedroom. At CasaOne, we pride ourselves in selecting the best furniture for you. You can rent from our collection of home and office furniture and be certain that you’ll have some of the trendiest furniture in the market. Let us do all the heavy lifting and avail free delivery and assembly on all your rentals. What’s more, with our CasaOne Mega Holiday Sale, on all orders you place this month, you’ll receive one month free rental on Us, on a minimum rental of six months. Rent Now!

Simplify Your Furniture Needs


Simplify Your Furniture Needs