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Who are the maximalists, and why have they been termed this way? The maximalists believe in a philosophy that one should possess all kinds of luxury in their life. There is a quote, “more-is-more,” and they follow it as their motto.

At the start of this century, many people chose minimalism as their life philosophy, adhering to the global recession of 2008. The minimalists believed that people could live a life full of happiness and contentment with little or no material necessities. But only after a decade or so, with a skyrocketing economy and the influence of social media, especially TikTok, maximalism catapulted to newer heights.

Maximalists believe that style is about bold colors, patterns, and creativity. According to them, it fills the room and inner self with excitement, curiosity, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

People's preferences quickly shifted from the fundamental necessities of life toward acquiring the grand living standards showcased in art, interior design, and architecture. So let's dive in to understand the impact of TikTok Maximalism and how it grabbed intention in recent times.

The Rise of Maximalism Through Social Media (TikTok)

Maximalism is not entirely new, as it has existed for several centuries. We find enough traces of how the wealthy showcased and bragged about their riches throughout history.

In the 21st century, social media has again made maximalism a hot topic. The luxury-laced of social media influencers entices millions of followers. If we think like a true maximalist, we must curate colors, pick the right mix of patterns, eliminate 'stuff' not adding any value, strike a balance, work the walls, and choose contemporary items!

Tiktok Maximalism

Maximalism in TikTok Home Décor

New trends are emerging in the maximalist home décor aesthetic with TikTok. The influencers show how a 21st-century home must be decorated to propagate the "more is more" idea. Thanks to Tiktok trends, Liz Lovery, San Diego's famous interior designer, gave her thoughts on the grandmaximalist standards of home décor.

She said, “To put it simply, maximalism is a risk-taking interior design style that embodies the ‘more-is-more’ mindset. It’s all about mixing bold patterns, bright colors, unexpected textures, and contains a lot of intricate details”.

Manda Hansen, the famous maximalist TikTok star, has a few words of wisdom about the maximalist home décor trends promulgated by TikTok. Her grand Washington-based villa is full of eye-catchy, thoughtful splashes of design and color on every wall and corner.

She said, "Maximalist home decor embodies all things colorful, fun, eclectic, and bold. There are no rules in maximalism — and that’s the magic; you’ll see multiple home design eras mixed together, layered patterns, and lots of decor pieces all throughout the space."

Maximalism in TikTok Home Décor

TikTok has helped its followers step up the home décor game by adopting the maximalist "more is more" impression. Famous Australian TikToker duo Josh & Matt were trendsetters of maximalist aesthetics. They are also prominent members of the Tiktok maximalist community,

Maximalism should be the way for anyone willing to explore their true personality broadly. These characteristics should be exhibited in the home décor. Also, everybody has their interpretations of maximalism, the duo has asserted.

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Impact of TIKTOK MAXIMALISm on Fashion

Fashion is one sector that has been considerably impacted by the maximalist approach of successful TikTok stars. TikTokers like Thalia Castro-Vega and Sara Camposarcone have demonstrated what maximalist fashion is like. They are the primary trendsetters when showcasing their over-the-top but vibrant sense of fashion. Sara, with 550K followers on TikTok and 10 million likes, said one could not deny the vibrancy of the aesthetics in excess, and one knows best what they would love to look like.

"I love to identify myself as a maximalist because it helps to promulgate the vibes I feel for a particular day. It can be something from the Elizabethan era, something from Y2K, or goth; it makes me feel so lively. I love to try out intensified silhouettes, distinct textures, and unique accessories. I live by the quote, "more and more, and I always try to reproduce it in the outfits I choose.”

Now let's see what Thalia's take on this is. She is a professional stylist and has worked with famous clients worldwide, especially in the US. With 140K followers on her TikTok handle, she is gathering more than 3 million likes.

She said maximalism is something that sets us free from all shackles. It lets our inner child shine, which is the most beautiful version of ourselves, as the opinions of others do degrade the morale of children. The same is the way with maximalists anywhere. They can try out anything that they like. They have all the freedom to create new things, explore their inner selves from the inside out, and wear joyous clothes. But unfortunately, the burden of adulthood takes away all kinds of freedom from us.

So, want to check out the things that can be used to look like a maximalist? Here is a list.

Decorative Items that will Help One Look Like a Maximalist

These are some of the best decorative items that can lighten and brighten any home:

Metal Vase With a Leaf-like Lid, 38” H (White)

This white vase has an enigmatic finish, with the golden lid adding extra vigor to its features. It will bring a sense of richness and wholeness to the design of a living room. Buy this exquisite piece from Casaone and give the living room a fresh and royal look.

Liv & Sky's Silery Mercury Glass Candle (530z)

What can make us more elegantly rich other than designer candles? This beautiful candle comes with a mercury silver glass holder. We can bring it home and let its affluence shine on the interiors. This perfect home accessory can brighten any corner of the home. Available at Casaone, this one is a must-buy.

Carbonne's Wall Sconce Candle Chandelier

Are we looking to add vintage charm to the house? Then this gorgeous candle chandelier fits the bill perfectly. It gives us exactly what we require. It is tough to beat the beauty of a romantic chandelier, especially when skilled manufacturers design it. Shop now with Casaone and get this beautiful Chandelier delivered home!

Mackenzie Accent Armchair — Astoria (Cream Leather)

Our maximalist outlook on life can be perfectly portrayed through our choice of furniture. And this extraordinarily luxurious armchair by McKenzie adds to any rich collection. Apart from grace, elegance, and beauty, this is one of the most comfortable designer chairs one can buy from Casaone.

tiktok maximalism

Key Takeaways

The "more is more" grand living concept is highly popular among TikTok followers, as influencers love to showcase them adopting maximalist living standards. Also, to settle for less is a life wasted, and it loses its hustle and charm, according to the maximalists. As seen above, the maximalist wave has covered all the sectors of luxury items, fashion, and home décor.

What about your take on this? Should chasing the imperial standards of living to be your life's ultimate goal, just like the TikTok stars?

Bottom Line

The TikTok influencers are taking things to a different level altogether, and the overall maximalist attitude toward life that they have shown is mesmerizing the followers, to say the least. Take the example of French luxury fashion mogul Yves Saint Laurent, who also happens to be a TikTok star.

He flaunts his imperial living standards on TikTok. His recent TikTok posts reveal his fascinating luxury house in Marrakesh, his giant Villa Oasis completely decorated in Kilim rugs, cedar-colored painted ceilings, custom upholstery, and vividly lush colors. This clearly explains that TikTok is taking over the world, and people of all ages are using it.

While maximalism may evoke different opinions from different people, there is no denying that it has been around for centuries and is very much here to stay.

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