Synchronized Tilt
The synchronized tilt refers to the movement of the seat when the backrest is leaned upon. Simply put, as the backrest tilts when you lean back, the seat correspondingly tilts upward but at a smaller angle.

High-back Chair
The high-back chair has a generous backrest that fully supports your upper back, neck, and shoulders. It is the perfect choice for those who spend long hours at work or are suffering from back pain. It has lower mobility when compared to chairs with lower backrests.

Medium-back Chair
Supporting your lower and mid-back, medium-height backrests give comfort by embracing your spine's curve. With a good-sized backrest that reaches the shoulders and the neck, these office chairs are ideal for a regular workday.

Low-back Chair
The low-back chair lends support to your low and mid-back. Perfect for a few hours of work, this chair makes a convenient choice for limited work hours in office.

Office Chair
Office chair refers to different types of seating usually used at work desks and office spaces. Generally, an office chair features a backrest that is padded and has lumbar support, along with a cushioned seat. It may/may not have armrests, or casters for mobility.

Meeting Chair/Conference Chair

Meeting chairs are easy to move around (casters are a must) from room to room and are comfortable to sit on.

Task Chair
A task chair is known for its versatility; usually available in both low-back and medium-back options. A good task chair is simple and moderately comfortable.

Executive Chair
This is one of the most premium types of office chair. Each offers a wide range of features, is made of luxury material, and is padded for utmost ergonomic comfort that seamlessly fits into your office according to your decor.